Friday, March 27

Neurons all jumbled up

This is a really "rojak"-ed post 'cause I'm torn between blogging and revising Bio for next mon's mock! So a quickie is the only way to go :)

But firstly:

Happy Belated Birthday Koo Yen Woon!!!

Thanks for being such a great friend for the past 8++ years and I'm sooo glad to have you in my life! Rock on my superb songstress~

And some sketches Mama made at college:

Mama was halfway trimming her fringe hence the displaced lock of hair

And brace yourselves... mama was going to sketch CK, one of our classmates...

And it turned out to look something like this!

It was then we decided it looked too much like...

Datuk Lee Chong Wei!!!

And some Secret Recipe stuff Suat Hoon n I had for lunch :)

Oreo Cheese Cake!

BBQ Chicken Rice

Somehow we ate till the cake sorta looked like an arrow :)


Gotta studystudystudy...

Thursday, March 19

Pics Galore

Just some photo updates of college life :)

A desperate attempt to act sexy... I know I look damn weird

We made a pact to wear the different colours for different days in a week.. Oh ya the boys are one day behind us :)

Mama = happy Mafia boss

And I think my social life has taken the backseat for a while. Gone were the days of Neway and Green Box visits, birthday parties, attending Inti club activities, shopping etc.

Now it's just college, college friends **this morning we were just reminiscing on how we met and grew closer since last year's May; it's a curious thing--how sheer honesty and genuity can bring friendship to a whole new level. Prison Break, American Idol & reading novels **currently on The Picture of Dorian Gray; it's emotionally disturbing o.O

And the only thing that I'm looking forward to right now, is Adam Lambert @ 9.30pm on 8TV. What a life I have.

Saturday, March 14


The week has been fairly uneventful except the brooding fear that Cambridge AS (Advanced Subsidiary) exams is just about 2 months away, and I'm still lazing around.. and dreaming about Adam Lambert.

He's my favourite American Idol contestant so far! Along with Danny Gokey and Alexis Grace :)

Go Adam!

Sunday, March 8

Freedom or Freakdom?

I finally got my "P" driving license last saturday! And almost immediately after that, my parents and I hopped into the car and drove to the nearest stationary shop to pick up my "P" car sticker. Yeah my driving school uncle didn't give me any. But the Fernando Alonso in me was dying to be unleashed (Haha okay la I actually drive 20km/h on normal road. Stifle that sneer of yours.)

And so there begins the real challenge:
  • At a junction, stop COMPLETELY. (or else you can hear dad shouting "BRAKE!! BRAKE!!")
  • Look right, left, right, etc until there are no moving objects in a 5km radius. (Trees excluded)
  • Never drive more than 40km/h (or else it'll be considered speeding)
  • Before turning left/right, signal beforehand at least 10 seconds before. Or not "you confuse other people and they'll not give way to you; they don't know you're NEW"
  • Be wary of kids, esp those on bicycles. But honestly they really think that cars are nonexistent and they ride around in zig-zag style. In front of your car. It's like waving a red cloth in front of a bull. Unfortunately I'm just a lamb o.O
I'm going to pick up my mom from work later; wish me luck! (and my dad's blood pressure too)

ED: UPDATE: I was going through my phone and found this collage we did a couple of days ago in college.

Can you guess who's who?

Or just find which one is my face la :P

Her name's 黄芝琪 (Ooi/Ng Tze Kay) btw...

Monday, March 2


Yay I passed my driving test! Though I stopped before the line on the bukit 1st time round... Everything went well, thanks to:

  • God who answered my prayers
  • Suzanne n college mates who used law of attraction for me
  • Grandparents who calmed me down this whole morning when I constantly yelled around the house with 10 second intervals
And oh ya no forgetting my lucky red undies driving jeans :)

Sunday, March 1

D-Day: Driving Test Day

Gosh I haven't felt this nervous since my piano Grade 8 practical, which was like... 3 years ago? Even SPM doesn't give me this kind of jitters because I'm always nervous about hands-on stuff. You can never, EVER practice enough.

Yeeah I'm having my driving test tomorrow.

*screams into oblivion*

HOWHOWHOWHOWHOW This morning I mati enjin-ed on the bukit for 3 consecutive times, as in the start kereta-balance minyak n clutch-mati enjin sequence repeating itself. 3 freakin freakin times.

And I just can't get over the image of myself rolling down the hill. I seriously don't know why I can be such a pathetic pessimist. Think of the bright side! If I fail, at least I'll be able to see the driving school and my driving instructor again... -_-" AND part with another RM100.

And my test is in the afternoon, so I have the whole morning moping around the house, replay my "rolling down the hill" scene in my paranoid mind again & mope around the house.

I know I don't usually pray in my blog so Lord, if you're reading this, please:

  • Get me a good car with a shorter clutch paddle & easier controls
  • Get me a good invigilator who doesn't mind whispering tips to me, and turning a blind eye once in a while (tho preferably more often)
  • Make sure the weather's good
  • Bless me with wisdom, courage & confidence
  • And if all else fails,
  • Just control my limbs and work a miracle. I have full trust in you.
And to others, just wish me luck! This time I really need to add oil... (加油)