Saturday, November 14

SALE!! aaand an excerpt from a soap opera -_-"

OMGosh it's a freaking SALE!!! up to 90% wei *eyes widen* There are Jodi Picoults & Nora Roberts (not that I'm a big fan of them, just making a point) marked down from RM 33 to RM8!!!

Okay now I just need someone to send me there. But I can always go by LRT... Apparently you can take Putra LRT line and get down at Taman Jaya LRT Station. *looks around in hopes of getting a lift*

A waaay too long break before my final 2 papers for A2 has left me with excessive time to recount and recount my marks (lost!) in my head over & over again... And rethink how I truly value myself. And of course how people value me too.

Dad, though you tell me it's okay, I can take a course I like, but when I told you I applied for BioEng for all 5 UK unis, you gave me that usual "are-you-sure-it's-a-good-course" scoff. And yet you don't tell it to me straight to my face. And EVER SO SUBTLY hint that you want me to take pharmacy/medicine.

Why are people so concerned about ACHIEVEMENTS? And why am I so concerned about MY achievement? Sometimes I feel that I score well to make myself worthy. Worthy of being who I've always appeared to be in front of relatives, friends etc... A hardworking, studious, does well in exams person. Obviously there's nothing wrong with that but. Why can't I be MORE than that?

I want to do amazing things. Things that will enrich my life. Touch people's lives. I envy those people braving heights, climbing Mt Everest though knowing very well that people have died in the process. Going on missionary trips to places I've never even known existed. Or even just spending a day in an old folks home, listening to their (mis)adventures in their youths so they can relive the moment.

Yes, that's it. I want some memory, a fragment of an out-of-this-world experience that I can share with my grandchildren.

GOSH this IS seriously an emo post! This is the FIRST time I actually feel like crying while writing a post. Maybe it's time for me to flip thru the Bible; God has an amazing way with words, serious :)

OKAY I'm fine now! *sniff*

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