Monday, November 23

The List.

  • Find a job (DONE! but haven't got any offers yet la)- Went to Chuen Min Primary School to ask for a placement as temporary teacher... Luckily the students SH & I saw were still shorter than me! At Std 6! MUHAHAHAHA This sounds so wrong
  • Dental Checkup (DONE!)- Had to do 2 fillings (each costing RM 95! and I don't even eat sweets that often T.T)
  • Haircut (DONE!) - Now I'm back to short hair minus the fringe! No pics cause of sudden pimple outbreak I mean who gets pimples after exams T.T 
  • NaNoWriMo - very unlikely to complete. I've barely started since I'd been busy looking for tour groups for the past week o.O Not complaining to S2-ians kay.. it's just a statement...I like doing it actually ^^
  • Dedicate a song to yenwoon (DONE!) - as you could've seen in my last post I have universally displayed my lack of vocal ability
  • Book + Movie Marathon - It has been taking forever to load movies on Tudou & I'm currently on The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien.. Does NOT count as a marathon yet leh..
  • Clean up the house - Just cleaned up my bookshelf & CD rack! Threw away CDs that date back to 1995 when MS-DOS was still used o.O
  • Diet! - I've been having an unsatiable appetite lately. And no motivation to exercise. Sigh *rubs inflated belly*
Excited 'bout Taiwan trip! Anyone knows the cheapest place to shop in Taiwan?

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