Wednesday, November 11

It's all about the wordplay

It's one of those anti-climactic days where I wished I could either be insanely busy or totally bored; not hovering over two extremes.. T.T.. I know I NEED to study, but so soon?

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I'd rather not talk about my A2 papers thus far (due to mixed feelings! it's complicated) but the good news is there's only 2 more papers left! Physics 5 and Bio 5 next Mon and Tues respectively, hence the reason for this (extremely!) wordy post :)

Just watched The Proposal this afternoon on PPStream I haven't been to the cinemas for, like almost half a year... My last movie was Drag Me To Hell o.O

I don't know why but I've always felt Sandra Bullock looks a bit like Michael Jackson; but then again I've always thought dad looked like Dr Mahathir ^^

Okay anyway I'm having a random surge to say this...

Why Adam Lambert is my ultimate FAV singer
He's talented, PLUS he knows it, and embraces it. That's what I envy about people like him; knowing where one's potential lies, actively pursing that passion and being confident about doing it. Not just in the entertainment industry etc; just like being a tornado chaser or something; these people are so infatuated with storms they can spend their whole lives chasing, tracking and analysing them! To me it's like GOSH HOW CAN YOU LOVE A TORNADO (???) I think I've been watching too much National Geographic on TV1 lately... I'm starting to feel that global warming is an imminent threat to the world! you should've seen the rate of melting glacier

Oh ya as you might've noticed (obviously) I've changed to an orange-y blog background and now it looks like I'm celebrating a belated halloween, but me likey! It gives people the impression that I have some sort of artistic flair (which of course I don't).. And I might change the header sometime soon since it doesn't really fit into the background o.O

Ending the post with some wishful thinking! Things to do after A2:
  • Dental checkup and scaling actually I skipped my bi-annual checkup a few months back 'cause the receptionist was coughing when I called to check if there were anyone waiting for the dentist... I was really paranoid about H1N1 back then
  • NaNoWriMo! I tried to do it last year but failed due to problems persevering... Hopefully I'll be able to pull through this time round
  • Dedicate a song back to yenwoon :) check out what she sang here.
  • Movie + book marathon! I have a sudden craving for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind~
  • Prepare for my trip to Taiwan from 10th-31st Dec ^^ Suat Hoon, CC & I all got chosen! But I think I'll be going for a simple flu shot just to be on the safe side :)
Okay till then!
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