Tuesday, November 24

Remember folks, you heard it first from Charlie!

(I seem to have a thing for lists lately eh?)
  • Though I've been totally open about Adam Lambert being gay & stuff but I just couldn't take this. Honestly. And it wasn't like a peck on the cheek okay! Super scandalous! Worse that Lady Gaga's outrageous fashion sense + dance moves combined o.O Click here for the video.
  • 2012 was pretty much a larger scale remake of The Day After Tomorrow & Knowing & all similar apocalyptic movies... I just watched the movie to listen to Time for Miracles by Adam Lambert at the end 'cause it was the current hype... Just thought that it would give people the impression that the end of the world WOULD be on 21-12-2012, which I think WON'T be that day simply because everyone THINKS it's that day. Lol I sound so philosophical.

Ok since I'm already renowned for my emo-ness, just found some images from icanread.com that pretty much sums up the cause of my recent pimple outbreak T.T

And really thankful for this:

Okay almost time for Gossip Girl! You know you love me. XOXO ^^

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