Saturday, August 1

PPStream: Best P2P TV ever!!

Thanks to recommendation from a couple of friends, I've discovered this amazing software where there are TONS of movies, TV series etc that are practically inexhaustible for the rest of your life! And best of all, it's virus-free! (according to them) I'm not much of a techie and I'm terribly afraid to download movies online so this is pretty much the best solution!

To download click here.

The only downside to it is that it's all in mandarin, so if you're mandarin illiterate or your computer is (thanks to WY who helped me fix this.. I had no idea what she did to my laptop though) then unfortunately you can't watch it, so here's thanks to mom and dad, and Hin Hua and Kwang Hua ^^

coraline movieImage by joanneteh_32 (What will be,will be..) via Flickr

Cover of Cover of Bolt

Just watched Bolt & Coraline from PPstream. Bolt was pretty funny, with really cute pets, and Coraline was mysterious and hauntingly alluring; eg Pan's Labyrinth + Corpse Bride (it's a stop-motion movie)

To search for the movies on PPStream, type 闪电狗 (Bolt) or
鬼妈妈卡罗琳 (Coraline)

Sis is coming back this afternoon with bf James (Sis just flew back from London this morning o.O)
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