Monday, August 17

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It's been a loooooong week.

Summarized, in chronological order:
  • Got my AS results! 4As ^^ but still don't know breakdown yet... Still have enormous urge to apply to Imperial College London. (greedy right, i know)

    Chuck/Blair - I love you.Image by bitchymode via Flickr

  • Went to Genting with family. Ah kong, ah ma & dad happily trudged off to casino while mom and I went shopping. Bought two hairbands from Bonita! Yes, fashion ala Blair Waldorf has gotten to me;

    Blair/Chuck - Teasing you.Image by bitchymode via Flickr

    I was going to wear it out but CC said I looked like a Std 6 student o.O. But i'll wear it out, someday...
  • Aus Fair at idp, subang on Friday. Honestly it didn't really help much 'cause I still prefer UK...
  • Cadbury Chocettes Finals at the Curve, Damansara! We didn't make it past 1st round (they eliminated 15 contestants okay) but it was all fun nevertheless... except the part where BS lost her phone. Long story, but we suspect it was a Malay couple (the guy was intentionally bald and tattooed, with typical fashionable malay lady, both probably in their mid-20s) seated behind us. BS (seated on my left) and SH (on my far left) went to refill Cokes at McD, their bags were unattended, I was there but watching the performances. I saw the malay guy "kacau-ing" SH's bag, I thought it was blocking his view or something, so I didn't suspect anything, but I took SH's bag and placed it on my lap, plus double checked her phone and wallet-- still there. Haiz but I didn't think of checking BS's bag; they probably took hers first before targeting SH's.
  • BS slept over at my house 'cause it was a lil dangerous travelling all alone back to her Inti Subang hostel WITHOUT a phone.. So we watched 大喜事 (singaporean movie) & Ice Age 3 on PPStream...
Oh ya and since the trip to the Curve, I realised it would be really fun shopping there! Esp The Walk at the curve--there was a whole line of mini clothes stalls, but i guess that trip'll have to wait till the H1N1 flu gets less serious...

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