Saturday, August 8

Wanted: A sense of humour

Psst. AS results will be out on monday, but I don't know what to be feeling right now; just definitely too early to get nervous! Keeping my fingers crossed...

Apparently getting the RM 10k (mentioned in the previous post) will not be an easy feat...Details of the finale:
  • 15th August, Saturday
  • Cineleisure Damansara
  • 11 am - 7 pm
Though our video was a group production (comprising of around 7 gals) but we decided to send kaykay out for the solo performance part in the finale, and she has to tell AT LEAST 10 jokes in 3 mins..

So everyone out there, if you've got any good jokes/videos of extremely FUNNY stand up comedies as reference, please leave a comment, thanks so much!

p.s. no controversial/sexual/racist/political jokes please ^^

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