Saturday, January 29



what i want and making people happy

blending in and having more time for myself

moving on and turning back

personal goals and to strive for a higher purpose

basically means

i'm stuck between

studying and not studying. the essence of a medical student's life.

thankfully i will be heading back msia soon! to be reminded of how it feels like to live a life outside hall, med campus and getting my head buried in food instead of Gray's or Robbins all the time >.<


Tempus said...

Hey there!finally stumble across a malaysian studying med in HKU! Went for the preliminary round of interview last 2 weeks in the education fair, though I doubt I've made a good presentation.

Seeing only 2 out of 12 non-Jupas got through, my heart somehow sank a little. By the way, I'd just finished my STPM last december, guess we are both same age!

you must be one heck of a student, seeing how proactive you get in your studies and life!

Do post more updates from HK, and hopefully I get the offer letter and meet up with you this september!

Tze Hui @ Erin said...

ooh so they have more than one round of interview now? do you have to come hk for 2nd interview? last time we only had one round and we had to fly all the way to hk (which fortunately was worth it xd)

yup good luck with ur application and hope to see u! =)

Tempus said...

seriously? well, hopefully i do get the chance to flu there, or i'd probably end up in IMU like every other malaysian doctor-wanna-bes

have fun there!

PS: did you go for any volunteer work before you considered medicine?

Tze Hui @ Erin said...

haha you can always make the best out of what you have =)

nope i didn't do any volunteer work before med... i was working at a kindergarten for 6 mths before i went hku.. hope to do some volunteer work during my summer break this year though!