Thursday, February 3

new year, new start.

Happy CNY everyone!

crap i'll be spending only one week in malaysia, and the sad truth is i'll probably spend most of the time working on my caduceus (ed board) article or study the pile of lecture notes i brought back OR research on what possible SSMs I can do.

The SEATRU (turtle conservation project) was already fully booked when i tried to sign up today at midnight! (which was supposedly when the registration opened!! wthhhh) check out the website here:

I don't care. I will apply again next year. >.<

but anyway I have to think of something else to do for SSM then? anyone have any 2-4 weeks volunteering ideas around Malaysia or overseas?

Oh ya I just submitted my application for AIDS Awareness Raising Project 2011 in Henan.

BUT i very well might not get it as I barely have any volunteering experience but oh well we'll see =)

exhausted! gonna sleep now and embrace the most comfy bed in the world <3

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