Sunday, January 23

missing you

came across this image SH edited and slipped into my pen drive before she returned it to me right before I left to HK.

I never knew how much I actually enjoyed my college days until the time I went back msia during winter break. During those 2 weeks, I would laugh till I cried, shout till my voice turned hoarse and I wasn't being afraid of saying/doing the wrong thing. I could be myself and not worry about the implications it would bring because people around me were so REAL.

And though nothing can ever be the same, I'm glad to have this 1 and a half years worth of sweet memories.

I LOVE YOU NG SUAT HOON <3 and mama kk ly bs wy cc thboy hl!!!


Wingz said...

*like!* :D

mama said...

LIKE!! =)

xue fen said...

i luv u too!!