Monday, November 29

wrapping up 2010

it's nearing december and I see christmas themes everywhere! which reminds me of home cause at least I get to celebrate X'mas back in Malaysia~~ and I just want to sum up how this year has been for me...

in the beginning of the year, I still couldn't let go the fact that all my college friends were going separate ways with everyone doing different courses etc.

At that moment in time, I was also frustrated as to what & where was I going to study. Flew to both HK and Singapore to attend medicine admission interviews, and honestly I was terribly lost at that time, and church friends and God really helped alot =)

From Jan-July, I worked in a nearby kindergarten as a helper, and developed a newfound interest and perspective in kids. Though it was my 2nd time working part time, I think it did help me mature as I took on a more "maternal" role in taking care of younger people instead of just being taken care of by my family.

Finally got letter of admission into HKU med and that made me really happy and my dad really sad cause he preferred if I went Spore. But then NUS offered me my 2nd choice, bioengineering. Anyway after weighing the odds, I finally decided to come HK.

Throughout Aug, I was busy packing, saying goodbyes, spending more time with my family, eating more Msian food, going through a period of emo-ness but thankfully saved by the presence of Suat Hoon and Teck Hong, and basically not thinking too much about HK.

and then HK was... hmm. Hard to explain. Our Malaysian seniors and freshmen were pretty much awesome and fun to hang out with, and the locals are pretty nice but need getting used to. In many different ways. The culture is different as well; eg hall culture, campaign, how you dress up etc.

and here I want to say how grateful I am to have Charlene. She's the only other Malaysia Medic year 1 friend + we stay in the same hall, so we basically go through the exact same thing in terms of culture shock, missing family and friends etc. and she was such a great friend once I got to know her really well... Thanks so much Charlene, I seriously could not survive HK without you T.T

and now am having study break till 12th Dec. Formative exam on 13th and 14th Dec and will be back Malaysia on the 17th (might go tour around HK and/or Macao on 16th and 17th with Charlene!!! weee~~~)

so pretty much anticipating meeting friends back in Malaysia and also for friggin exams to be over pronto! studying in my room is SO, SO boring, like A levels' one month study break once again >.<

having Hall Annual High Table Dinner tomorrow night! off to study now ~

Sunday, November 21

always little

Stumbled upon this James Morisson track:

I was the one, 
Who would always
Jump in first
Didn't think twice
To look behind
Got such a good feeling, 
Just from playing
In the dirt
When I was little

We could build a rocket, 
Fly to the moon
Leave Tuesday morning, 
And be back for noon
There wasn't nothing, 
Nothing that we couldn't do
Once, when I was little umm
Once, when I was little

Yeah I could dream more then
Yeah I believed more then
That the world
Could only get better
Yeah I was free more then
I could pretend more then
That this life could
Only show me good times
Once, when I was little
Umm ohh lalala

There was a time
When I trusted everyone
Yes I did
There was no place
That I would not go oh no
Spend a day on the hillside
Next to the holly mo
Oh once, when I was little
Yea once, when I, I was little

Yeah I could dream more then
Yeah I believe more then
That this world
Could only get better
Yeah I was free more then
I could pretend more then
That this life could
Only show me good times
Once, when I was little

Used to feel so strong
Even when they tell me, 
Tell me I was wrong
That I can't live
In a magic world
Cause it's time
For me to grow up
That I got to be
Like the rest of them
When I know
There acting up ohh

I could believe more
Then yes I could
I could pretend more then
That this life could
Only get better
I could believe more
Then yes I could
I could pretend more then

That this world could
Only show me good times
Once, when I was little
When I was little

So here comes the next one, 
The next in line
Stay as young you can, 
For the longest time
Cause those days flew by
Like a breeze
Just passing through
Once, when I was little

I don't believe that the more one sees of the world, the harder one's heart becomes. I think it's always a matter of choice. We can choose to go with the flow and do whatever the world does, and grow up. Or we can be different, and stay young with a childlike fascination and think the best of people. There was a quote somewhere that said we have to be different, to make a difference in others.

I don't want to harden my heart. I still want to laugh at lame jokes, squeal at cute dogs, cry in soppy cheesy romance movies, sing on my way back to hall when I think no one's watching. I want to be a real, breathing human. Not molded by people around me, or by the pressures of studying medicine.

Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and he shall strengthen
    thine heart.  Wait, I say on the Lord.                                                                             - Psalms 27:14
We have a choice. I choose to be different. Just wait and see, things will change when you make the first step =)

Saturday, November 13


Apparently there are 5 must-do things once you enter HKU:

  • Study (读书)
  • Get a bf/gf (拍拖)
  • Become an ExCo of a club/association (上莊)
  • Stay in hall/dorm (住 HALL)
  • Do part-time work (Part-time)
So far I've done 3 out of 5, and speaking of 上莊, we have something called "campaign" before you get to be Exco in any club (jong 莊)

Had my Caduceus campaign day 2 last night. Till morning. Friggin 6pm-5am! Including campaign day 1 plus mock campaign, it should be around 10 + 11 hours = 21 hours! *faints*

We were all dressed up in full suit, sitting there and being asked questions about anything related to Caduceus & the Medical Society. 

anyway the purpose of the campaign is for people, specifically members of the Medical Faculty to understand the nature of Caduceus and also the vision and concept of the new "jong" members has for next year's (2011) Caduceus publications (by the way Cadu is the name of the Medical Society magazine; so basically I joined an editorial board)

besides, they're the one that pay membership fees every year and so they would like to find out how their money is spent (based on proposed financial budget) and also a prospective overview of what Caduceus will look like in the upcoming issues.

the purpose of the whole campaign is reasonable enough, unfortunately the hours are pretty physically taxing. For some other major jongs in HKU Student's Union, apparently theirs can go up to 40-50 hours! Hall ExCo too. So churr. (update: friend in Rotaract Club HKUSU told me it's 48 hrs with toilet and dinner break in the middle, otherwise it's continuous T.T)

complaints aside. it was pretty worth it. honestly. we knew more about our jong, about our direction in what we wanted to publish and it also served as a reminder that it's important to take sheung jong seriously, that it's just not a temporary passionate spark but a steady flame of dedication.

after pokchun-ing jong, have to go pokchun Causeway Bay now to collect some stuff and attend church.

and pokchun study tomorrow =)

Sunday, November 7

sudah letih.

i'm tired
of trying so hard to fit into somewhere that does not open its doors to me.
of keeping myself busy each day and telling myself that I had a fruitful day.
of waiting for thboy and sh to appear on fb chat and start accepting the fact that each of us have our own lives to live.
of hoping for something that does not exist.
of waiting.

I don't know what I'm looking for, but it feels like I'm waiting for something; probably a better tomorrow.

Oh well. Nothing to start off a monday with a good night's sleep.


Saturday, November 6

hou churr ah~~

Been pretty busy lately with non-academic related stuff, eg shopping for boots and winter clothing, preparing for Caduceus (Faculty Editorial Board) campaign, watching a movie @ cyberport etc, watching interhall football match and hall activities etc.


I'm supposed to be catching up on the week's lecture now but out of boredom (cause I'm not sure if you're interested) let me just share some Hong Kong slang/terms =)

  • 劲 geng -  can be used as a substitute for 好(hou) 非常 (fei sheung); eg 劲肚饿 (geng tou ngor) very hungry
  • 撻皮 (tat pei) - lazy
  • hea - lazy
  • 出 pool - start dating someone
  • 入 pool - just turned single (eg enter the pool of single people)
  • churr - busy
  • So - sorry
  • su 唔 su - sure or not
  • au - obtain, extract (like stealing, in a jokingly way)
  • 劲过 (geng guo) - CGPA over 3
  • 搏丁 (bok ding) - trying to score distinction (studying really hard for exams)
  • 潜 li (cheem li) - study in the library all day
  • 抽书 (chau xu) - like if people chau your xu, means they ask you questions from the lectures, like see how much you already know/studied
  • 搏尽 (bok chun) - very "bok", either in studies or CCAs
  • 浮 (fao) - opposite of cheem, like if you're very "fao" in hall means you simply join lots and lots of activities
  • 上莊 (sheung jong) - become Executive Committee of a club. "jong" culture is really strong here as in they'll be harsh in some way before you get to be Exco, for certain hall and student's union "jong".
  • 过 O (guo O) - go through hall/floor orientation
can only think of this much at the moment! Gonna go cheem now!!! >.<

Tuesday, November 2


Went to halloween @ Lan Kwai Fong with fellow Malaysians! The crowd had awesome costumes and there were plenty of cross-dressers around too =)

although it was jam-packed with people but it was definitely worth it! Thanks to our Malaysian seniors who brought us there and took so good care of us~

A bit lazy to blog much this week.. sometimes facebook says too much about me than my blog does! >.<