Saturday, November 13


Apparently there are 5 must-do things once you enter HKU:

  • Study (读书)
  • Get a bf/gf (拍拖)
  • Become an ExCo of a club/association (上莊)
  • Stay in hall/dorm (住 HALL)
  • Do part-time work (Part-time)
So far I've done 3 out of 5, and speaking of 上莊, we have something called "campaign" before you get to be Exco in any club (jong 莊)

Had my Caduceus campaign day 2 last night. Till morning. Friggin 6pm-5am! Including campaign day 1 plus mock campaign, it should be around 10 + 11 hours = 21 hours! *faints*

We were all dressed up in full suit, sitting there and being asked questions about anything related to Caduceus & the Medical Society. 

anyway the purpose of the campaign is for people, specifically members of the Medical Faculty to understand the nature of Caduceus and also the vision and concept of the new "jong" members has for next year's (2011) Caduceus publications (by the way Cadu is the name of the Medical Society magazine; so basically I joined an editorial board)

besides, they're the one that pay membership fees every year and so they would like to find out how their money is spent (based on proposed financial budget) and also a prospective overview of what Caduceus will look like in the upcoming issues.

the purpose of the whole campaign is reasonable enough, unfortunately the hours are pretty physically taxing. For some other major jongs in HKU Student's Union, apparently theirs can go up to 40-50 hours! Hall ExCo too. So churr. (update: friend in Rotaract Club HKUSU told me it's 48 hrs with toilet and dinner break in the middle, otherwise it's continuous T.T)

complaints aside. it was pretty worth it. honestly. we knew more about our jong, about our direction in what we wanted to publish and it also served as a reminder that it's important to take sheung jong seriously, that it's just not a temporary passionate spark but a steady flame of dedication.

after pokchun-ing jong, have to go pokchun Causeway Bay now to collect some stuff and attend church.

and pokchun study tomorrow =)

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