Monday, November 29

wrapping up 2010

it's nearing december and I see christmas themes everywhere! which reminds me of home cause at least I get to celebrate X'mas back in Malaysia~~ and I just want to sum up how this year has been for me...

in the beginning of the year, I still couldn't let go the fact that all my college friends were going separate ways with everyone doing different courses etc.

At that moment in time, I was also frustrated as to what & where was I going to study. Flew to both HK and Singapore to attend medicine admission interviews, and honestly I was terribly lost at that time, and church friends and God really helped alot =)

From Jan-July, I worked in a nearby kindergarten as a helper, and developed a newfound interest and perspective in kids. Though it was my 2nd time working part time, I think it did help me mature as I took on a more "maternal" role in taking care of younger people instead of just being taken care of by my family.

Finally got letter of admission into HKU med and that made me really happy and my dad really sad cause he preferred if I went Spore. But then NUS offered me my 2nd choice, bioengineering. Anyway after weighing the odds, I finally decided to come HK.

Throughout Aug, I was busy packing, saying goodbyes, spending more time with my family, eating more Msian food, going through a period of emo-ness but thankfully saved by the presence of Suat Hoon and Teck Hong, and basically not thinking too much about HK.

and then HK was... hmm. Hard to explain. Our Malaysian seniors and freshmen were pretty much awesome and fun to hang out with, and the locals are pretty nice but need getting used to. In many different ways. The culture is different as well; eg hall culture, campaign, how you dress up etc.

and here I want to say how grateful I am to have Charlene. She's the only other Malaysia Medic year 1 friend + we stay in the same hall, so we basically go through the exact same thing in terms of culture shock, missing family and friends etc. and she was such a great friend once I got to know her really well... Thanks so much Charlene, I seriously could not survive HK without you T.T

and now am having study break till 12th Dec. Formative exam on 13th and 14th Dec and will be back Malaysia on the 17th (might go tour around HK and/or Macao on 16th and 17th with Charlene!!! weee~~~)

so pretty much anticipating meeting friends back in Malaysia and also for friggin exams to be over pronto! studying in my room is SO, SO boring, like A levels' one month study break once again >.<

having Hall Annual High Table Dinner tomorrow night! off to study now ~


michzfern said...

Hi there! great to hear again from you. Glad to see ya having fun in HK as well.

Too bad im not around when you come back as im going back to U next Monday. =(

Anyway, take care ya. See you soon! =D

Tze Hui said...


nvm i'll see u during summer break then! we havent went karaoke together, with yenwoon...~~

uh huh u take care too!!