Saturday, November 6

hou churr ah~~

Been pretty busy lately with non-academic related stuff, eg shopping for boots and winter clothing, preparing for Caduceus (Faculty Editorial Board) campaign, watching a movie @ cyberport etc, watching interhall football match and hall activities etc.


I'm supposed to be catching up on the week's lecture now but out of boredom (cause I'm not sure if you're interested) let me just share some Hong Kong slang/terms =)

  • 劲 geng -  can be used as a substitute for 好(hou) 非常 (fei sheung); eg 劲肚饿 (geng tou ngor) very hungry
  • 撻皮 (tat pei) - lazy
  • hea - lazy
  • 出 pool - start dating someone
  • 入 pool - just turned single (eg enter the pool of single people)
  • churr - busy
  • So - sorry
  • su 唔 su - sure or not
  • au - obtain, extract (like stealing, in a jokingly way)
  • 劲过 (geng guo) - CGPA over 3
  • 搏丁 (bok ding) - trying to score distinction (studying really hard for exams)
  • 潜 li (cheem li) - study in the library all day
  • 抽书 (chau xu) - like if people chau your xu, means they ask you questions from the lectures, like see how much you already know/studied
  • 搏尽 (bok chun) - very "bok", either in studies or CCAs
  • 浮 (fao) - opposite of cheem, like if you're very "fao" in hall means you simply join lots and lots of activities
  • 上莊 (sheung jong) - become Executive Committee of a club. "jong" culture is really strong here as in they'll be harsh in some way before you get to be Exco, for certain hall and student's union "jong".
  • 过 O (guo O) - go through hall/floor orientation
can only think of this much at the moment! Gonna go cheem now!!! >.<


Lim Zhen Yu (Amos) said...

nice and interesting...
I can't believe klang people is teaching cantonese here x)

Tze Hui said...

haha next year i'm gonna teach u cantonese.. beware! XD

mama said...

LOL damn farrrny lo haha....