Monday, October 25


  • some people in life are irreplaceable. no matter how hard we try to find similarities in friends we enjoy being with, each and every person has qualities unique and specific (omg sounds so enzyme-ish) to that person only. Be with people you are comfortable being with, instead of simply trying to fit in. It will be just sad and emotionally taxing. and those who mean most to you, keep them close to heart because, they'll always be there for you; if only you remembered to ask. Just a few days ago I was msn-ing with mama and we were saying that college gang were the BEST, most sincere and genuine group of friends we've ever met and got the privilege to know. We can't go back to our a level days, but it's just great to know that in this big wide scary world that there are friends you can count on, even with everyone busy with their own schedule. <3 u guys forever~~~
  • no matter how grown up we get, family matters the most. their unfailing love, their meticulous care for even the simplest things will never change with the passing of time. they're the ultimate consultant, your most trusted friend, you shelter in a storm. love them, because no one else will do the exact same to you. besides, you owe them one =) my parents came to visit me last weekend in HK, and I brought them around to eat and to Ocean Park as well. So proud when mom said she was glad that I was ok and am more independent! It was great meeting them and having the feeling of being taken care of again nevertheless =)
  • there are tons of people worse than you, but heaps of people better than you too, in all different aspects. Failure makes people stronger. We learn through failures. If you don't fail, you'll never know, and never appreciate the feeling of success. What do we learn, exactly? Firstly, we learn to accept the truth. Secondly, we consider what went wrong. Then we learn to let go, let go of that sense of insecurity that we're not good enough. In fact, we're never good enough. We can only get better, but best is still really, really far away. We win because of luck, because of effort and sometimes because of skill. But we lose because even though we're good, there are tons of people better than you. Heck, for all you know, they might've failed EVEN more than you! Try more, fail more, learn more. and then, try again!! you have no idea how many interviews and auditions I've failed since coming HKU. I didn't make it into HKU Debate, Student Ambassador and Medical Outreachers ExCo. But still, I learned a lot through the preparations involved, and also learning to accept failure too. Of COURSE it feels disheartening but sometimes we just need reminders that we're worth more than our failures. We are defined by who we are and what we want to be, with respect to ourselves and others. WE ARE AWESOME hahaha
  • doing small things for others can bring you further than you expect. I was so glad when I saw Amanda's post on her blog =) chocolate can do miracles, really! and we celebrated my roommate's bday last night after 12 midnight... It definitely felt good to make someone's day! Therefore do not be bitchy because some days its effects may just rebound on YOU XD
Okay no idea where this post came from.. probably accumulated in my twisted system but ANYWAY congratulations for making it this far!! hope my sharing helped in some way ^^


Lazaholic said...

you made my day...^^
and i love your blog design. havent visit it since centuries. sorry

Kai Aun said...

how true is that. failure is part and parcel of life, the most important thing is to learn from it and improve further. good luck in your studies!

mama said...

super-like =))))

emily garnhart said...

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Anonymous said...

i am robin ar! Amanda's classmate, the one in MO lei, I was searching for "medical outreachers" and accidentally bumped into your blog...i like what you write!! it must not be easy for you to settle in hk...anyway add oil ar!! support!!