Monday, October 11


just learned today that it's far more interesting to explore uncharted land with a physical map in hand and boon tung sui 半桶水 (half a bucket full; means not very well versed) cantonese, because you really might not know what you'll stumble upon.

After attending a baptist church in SoHo, Central, I decided to drop by a 2nd hand bookstore that I googled last night.

Flow Bookstore

1/F No.40 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central,
Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, 852

and the cute thing is, they installed those classic bells that will clinker as you open the door! and the feeling of being surrounded by books that are shelved up to 6 foot high is just SO overwhelming. too bad I'm just so inconsistent when it comes to reading.

I did pick up a few books anyway (who wouldn't?) they have some really new collections like The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, those Twilight books & quite a few from Paulo Coelho. Books that I got:

1. Waiter Rant: Behind the scenes of eating out by A. Waiter (seriously???)
I used to read his blog and his anecdotes as his life as a waiter is pretty interesting! Bought it for $68 (around RM 30)

2. Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance by Atul Gawande 

It was one of our recommended reading for medical humanities. I tried to borrow it from the library but it was already taken, so bought it at $58 (RM 26)

3. Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones

it's supposedly about a teacher in a tiny school, so I sort of took interest in it after my kindergarten job =) $43 (RM 19)

another random thing, I (finally!) stumbled upon a TVB artiste on my way to the bookstore! I was already on Lyndhurst Terrace (check address above) but I couldn't find number 40, so I walked into the nearest store just to ask for directions.

It was a store selling organic products, and as I entered, the woman at the counter frantically turned and that was the moment I realise she was...邵美琪 (Maggie Shiu). 

Actually I didn't know her name at that time, but she really did look nervous. Probably nervous of being identified, so I simply walked up to the cashier to ask directions to 40 Lyndhurst Terrace. In ENGLISH. To eliminate chances of me actually watching TVB dramas.

The cashier guy said he would direct me to the location later, and the artiste who thought I didn't know she was an artiste was really nice, cause I think she thought I was a tourist too (which I technically am, just a long term one =.=) and she even apologized to me! For keeping me waiting for the guy to finish putting the stuff that she bought into the plastic bag...

But anyway I guess I did the right thing not to "identify" her, cause being constantly under surveillance and being criticized for every move is very, very scary. And anyway at that time I still hadn't figured out her name. yet, so it would be a little embarrassing too >.< I didn't want to take a picture with her at that time cause it felt really odd. She wasn't promoting anything, plus she was doing grocery shopping. It just felt like I was taking advantage of her simply being there to gain a certain extent of fame. proof that I REALLY did see her.

now I just hope that she left the shop thinking, "phew, at last. someone who doesn't know too much about me."

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