Tuesday, September 7

today i saw a video on a community project whereby HKU and CUHK students visited the elderly.

and i cried thinking of my grandparents back in malaysia.

they said they would wait for me to graduate and come back, but it'll be 6 friggin years.

whenever i help an elderly, i'll think of them, hoping they know that i'm also doing it for them.

ah kong ah ma, i'll never ever forget you guys.

wait for me.

please, please, please wait for me.


The Optimist said...


tiffany said...

awwwwwww.... nearly got me tearing too.. serious.. I know u think I'm bullshitting but sometimes I feel the same. Not the grandparents part but more like the sis part. My youngest sis is growing up SO fast. And eveytime I go back she seems to be bigger and all. And now I barely know her. Good luck there!!!

Tze Hui said...

optimist: T.T T.T

tiffany: yeah that's why come back more often!! esp when i go back keke XD miss the times when we used to crap about lame stuff.. haha

Tze Hui said...
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Evelynn Koo said...

<3 <3 <3
Send them lots of love through your prayers.