Thursday, September 16


When I used to teach the primary 1 & 2 kids in daycare, the kindy principal would sometimes come to help me out (actually most of the times T.T). once, when she came in, the kids' tables were in a mess cause I asked them to take out all their homework.

she said that if the table's in a mess, their minds and thoughts would be in a confused state too, like lacking direction and objective. so if i want them to focus, the table has to be organised, too.

as i type away, my arms can barely move more than 10 inches horizontally cause there are just stacks of things around me; books that i barely even read, girly vanity stuff (actually just a mirror =.=) all in 2 clutters (each on one side of the laptop)

its been almost 2 weeks since classes started, and i am still lost. we have an average of 2 lectures per day and i have revised around 50% of them... but it's so unlike me already! (cause i don't really revise until quite last minute XD)

am supposed to be reading up my common core stuff right now. and tidy up my table later.

omg this post is SO not inspiring. I need to get back that spark in my life!!!

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Evelynn Koo said...

Hey, dear... Welcome to university life... Don't worry too much about the uncertainty or being lost however...
I'm sure you're just finding your footing there... and you'll have that spark back in no time...
love, yenwoon