Monday, September 20

i don't want to forget.

i think i learned from some random movie that goldfish have memory that lasts for 30 seconds, and that's why they can swim so tirelessly in their aquarium for so long. cause they keep thinking that the other side of the tank is unexplored territory.

obviously if humans were to suffer the same fate, medical students would NEVER graduate med school! haha =) and i guess emotions (the good AND the bad) would be less rampant. we'll hate less, but we'll love less too.

am thankful that although i dont remember lectures as well i hope to, but i do remember why I'm here, and what keeps me going on.

i have to say this out loud.

i'm here because this is how I want to change people's lives. me coming to HKU for medicine is already God's blessing (although I didn't get scholarship hahaa but one shouldn't be too greedy) and i should use this opportunity to learn more, experience more and most importantly learn how to share. i've come here to be an efficient student, not a studying machine. i'm here to gain well rounded education but not get too carried away with social activities. i'm here because this is how i want to live the rest of my life. to me, a life lived solely for one's indulgences brings no meaning. i might as well just live on an island with unlimited supply of food and entertainment and just die alone.

the fact that i know that people care for me keeps me going on. facebook chat and msn sessions with the 2 busiest people in my college group (SH and THboy) cures my friendsickness pangs and reminds me that true friends are rare but ever so long lasting.

and I thank God for being able to remember. Memories are such a lifesaver (besides during exams of course XD)

now, moving on to gluconeogenesis...


Evelynn Koo said...

Hear hear... Glad to see that you're more positive in this post... <3
Keep it up, my dear.

hYpEr@cTivE said...

hey Tze Hui,
LuYing here... Just allow me to drop by ur blog!! study hard play hard.. enjoy ur uni life!!