Thursday, July 8

Gone but never forgotten

When 150cm meets 167cm (twisted version)

Dear Mama,

Honestly I tried lots and lots of ways of starting this. Every single time, I start all over again, because my feelings are truly, truly indescribable.

You are a special friend. From your curious antics of eating the interior of a fishball before finishing off the skin, to your trademark burp which comes in the oddest moments in class, you are a person, so different yet one that we can find so much in common with.

Our friendship grew, day by day, as we used to wait for the minibus heading to the train station together. Sometimes, we would walk from college to subang KTM station, but everyday was an enjoyable one despite the burning sun. Along the way, we stumbled, and often more than not, made fools of ourselves.

But that doesn't matter. At all. I don't regret any single day spent at college, spent with you and our classmates. Because it taught me how to accept myself for exactly who I am; not a taller, less pimple-ridden, slimmer version. Just tzehui and nothing more.

Tragedy hit you hard in the face, and we've seen you struggle emotionally but we were so helpless at the sidelines. Sometimes during outings you have to leave early to deal with your family issues. We saw your heart break, get fixed up, then break again. You grew stronger each time you fell down. But no matter what happened, you never, ever put on a sulky face in class. So every lesson was not just a joy for you, but also fun for the rest of us.

So thank you, mama.

For giving us everything and asking nothing in return.
For so often lending an ear and listening to my incessant rantings.
For your infectious laughter and funny metaphors and seeing lookalikes everywhere we go
For helping me organise gatherings even if you weren't attending them!
For completing my sentences or saying the same thing simultaneously
For bringing so much joy, laughter and warmth into our lives.

Thank you for being there when I needed you, and wishing you all the best in your studies in Spore! MSN and Skype ALL THE TIME kay?

Love you forever & ever & ever~~~



Anonymous said...

Thank you for being my friend!!!!
seriously i can promise i'll rmb those times forever!!!XOXOXOXOXOXO

Lazaholic said...

oh... T.T
so touching....
all the memories flashes back
miss college time badly.
It was the most wonderful time i ever had.
Miss the time when we used the very common yet powerful word - "pi4 gu3" to describe everything.

when we march down the corridor and being scolded

when we held IMPORTANT meetings in toilets

when we laughed out loud and shook the whole building

when we steamboat in labs

when we did outrageous things and

when we be movie stars and creative script writers

when we were TOGETHER...

Tze Hui said...

haha i still rmb after we marched, some lecturer came out and told us off "this is nt a zoo!" hahahah

yup and i had a haircut in the lab too! haha so weird but fun =) and the steamboat was like using a rice cooker.. i'm nt even sure the food were thoroughly cooked XD

but those were fun fun times!!! =)

emo emo emo T.T

kaykay said...

awwww~ i just read this. T.T u made me cry tzehui. sobz sobz. i was smiling n laughing thinking back all our fun times in college! god,i miss it so much! how great will it be if everyone of you are taking pharmacy with me in MONASH.thn ONCE AGAIN, we can laugh eat cry talk shout run march all we want...

u re awesome !

Tze Hui said...

kaykay: it was really a blessing to hav known ALL of u guys... made me realise what true friends are!!! crazy times were the times i cherished the most.. omg sei lo i go hk will miss u guys even more T.T

You're awesome too kk!!

muacks <3