Saturday, July 17

2 more weeks left.

My HK student visa just came by courier a few days back, and suddenly it all seems so real.

Though I can't say my 7 months' worth of work in kindergarten was without incidents pissing me off/me pissing kids off (haha!) but it definitely made me love kids so much more.
5 yr old Yi Hen and her younger sister, Ci En, 3.

2 more weeks left. To another ending.

I guess love comes in many forms, so I'll used what's left to love them even more. =)

omg yi shuen made a "love cake"! so sweet =)


michzfern said...
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michzfern said... ll be leaving to Hong KOng?
Hope you enjoy there...i bet you will....
bring along your babies sure you gonna miss them much.
afterall you have been spending longer time with them compared to me..haha

All the best!! *hugs*

Tze Hui said...

michelle: yup, leaving around end of aug =) yeah i'm definitely going to bring some pics of them over! miss them already T.T