Friday, May 21

Who do you love the most?

Today the 4 year olds listened to a story titled "Who do you love the most?" 你最爱谁?

At the end, the teacher asked them, one by one, who they loved the most among their friends; they chose their favourite and went up to hug that friend.

Zu Cern picked Jun Han.

Yi Shuen picked Yan Zhen.

Ja An picked Jun Han (2nd time! hee); this hug looked damn awkward though haha

Ging Yee picked Yi Shuen. (another awkward one!)

The 2nd last one to choose was Rayden.

Teacher: 亦杰,你最爱谁? Rayden, who do you love the most?

Rayden: 。。。。

Teacher: 来,告诉老师。。Come, tell teacher...

Rayden: 。。。。

Teacher: 没关系, 你小小声告诉老师。。。It's okay, just whisper into my ears...

Rayden: 那个戴手表的那个... The one with the wristwatch...

Teacher: 姚老师啊? Teacher Yiaw?
(Another teacher who always wears a watch)

Rayden: 不是啦,小的。No la, a small one (meaning another kid, not a grown up... haha)

Teacher: 。。是不是。。 俊涵? Is it Jun Han?

Rayden: *Nods head*

After much persuasion from the teacher, he trudges up to Jun Han.

Shy betul~~ haha
... which ended in a group hug!!

Finally, the last kid was Li Xian.

Guess who he chose?

杨老师! (Does this even need translation? Me la. XD)

Though he is pretty rebellious and angst-ridden (his emotions fluctuate faster than a heartbeat) I felt so warm and fuzzy inside. Simply, to be loved =)

*hugs back Li Xian*

So have you hugged a loved one today?


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