Monday, May 10

Is it love?

Yan Ting & Andrew

Today during lunch.

4 kids at the table. Yan Ting & Andrew finished their meals and got up to clean up at the same time.
E Jayn

E Jayn: Yan Ting 和 Andrew 一起吃完,他们就会一起结婚! Since Yan Ting & Andrew finished at the same time, they will get married!
Yeu Han

Yeu Han: 那我要跟你一起吃完。。。Then I want to finish eating the same time as you...

E Jayn: You say that one more time and I'm going to slap you're buttock! (haha she said this in english)

Yeu Han: 杨老师,什么是buttock? (Teacher, what is buttock?)



Lim Zhen Yu (Amos) said...

I can somehow imagine they imitate this words from the adult... = ="

Wingz said...

haha so cute! Kumon dont have such cute kids!
Just got a kid fall asleep in front of me when i'm giving him spelling..LOL!

Tze Hui said...

zhen yu: haha or probably humans were already well equipped with the ability to talk "ai mei" language since young! haha

wingz: haha yeu han n e jayn had a fight, so they weren't that cute today =) ahha but that kid who fell asleep must be damn damn tired!

Wingz said...

ya it seems like he had not sleep for days!haha

Tze Hui said...

nowadays kids damn kelian.. tuition here n there... my kindy there gt ppl 6 yrs old go for english tuition d.. so depressing T.T