Saturday, May 15

Dwindling numbers

Susahnya buat gathering!

WY - Too far up in Alor Setar and only willing to come if we sponsor everything haa
BS - Having exam tomorrow (she's studying medicine, so. That pretty sums up her stress level XD )
KK - Busy doing housework (you can literally ice-skate on the floor at her house o.O) and having dance practice later
LY - Having A Level exams!! Good luck good luck good luck =)
Hui Lee - working @ subzero (and ironically, resigning on Sunday, which is tomorrow T.T)
CC - her 1st week staying outside home (somewhere near HELP uni college) and her parents want her to stay in and don't go out (???)

Those who made it:

@ the Apartment, The Curve. We weren't exactly famished so we ordered dessert. Food was honestly just okay and very pricey! I paid like RM 9 for a bottle of fanta orange which tasted exactly like miranda orange softdrink...

But we still managed to entertain ourselves by laughing at a flea market shop attendant across the street (haha 江山易改本性难移! Us will be us ^^)

Then.. to the movies--A Nightmare on Elm Street!

The sort of movie where the (usually) hideous villain suddenly pops out and attempts to scare the soul out of you, which is acceptable for my definition of horror. Thai & Korean horror movies are an absolute, definite no. (I've only watched Shutter and the scene where she suddenly materialized in the photo is still oven-fresh in my mind! scarryyyy)

Hopefully there will be full attendance for the next gathering! Till then =) Reblog this post [with Zemanta]


Wingz said...

haha did mama screamed at the cinema?

Tze Hui said...

haha how u noe.. she sat beside me.. sometimes we screamed together and sometimes i screamed because she screamed T.T

but the 3 of us gals (me, mama, sh) all watched the movie through our fingers, only thboy happily eating popcorn there while watching haha

Wingz said...

haha how come? isit that scary?

Tze Hui said...

erm slightly scarier than drag me to hell la.. all of us are not brave types wat.. like lihyi watch ghost movies also no feel one.. haha