Saturday, April 3

Of food, kids and vanity

Nothing much to blog about lately; just started tuition classes with a Std 6 year old kid whose obsessed with tigers and Facebook and is almost taller than me (gasp!) Some pics to walk you through my past couple of weeks:

1. Food
Balik kampung to Batu Gajah but stopped by Ipoh for Taugeh Chicken.. Mmm look at those fat juicy taugehs!!

2. Kids!
Jun Yee; 6 yr old kid who instantly reminded me of Siew Ying! Dontcha think?

Eunice, who has stopped coming to our kindy; one of the most obedient and independent 4 yr old in the class! And always the first to enthusiastically call out "yang lao shi" when I enter the class :)

3. Vanity
Went shopping for my formal clothes for HKU medicine interview @ Hong Kong this coming Friday! Going with BS *excited*

Happy Birthday Lee Bee Shuang whose b'day coincidentally falls on Easter Sunday!!

Our beloved serial cheese-hater whose brain runs on a Pentium triple core processor, you know we love you~


Huey Shin said...

Good luck for your interview

Tze Hui said...

thanks!!! not hoping for much but still excited at going hk nonetheless ^^

Huey Shin said...

enjoy ur trip~

Jacent said... ipoh taugeh ipoh hor fun....sobzz....

formal clothes like doesn't suit your style..hahahs..