Wednesday, April 14

I shouldn't be here.

Recently life has been like bungee jumping.

Into this infinite abyss of darkness, minus the safety rope.

I don't know whether it'll be a hard, blowing fall or will there be a super comfy Dunlopillo waiting for me at the end. And the fall itself is agonising enough T.T

Putting in my effort going to HK to attend the HKU interview was a pretty big deal for me, and honestly that was the 1st medicine interview I had ever attended (I applied for Bioengineering for UK unis) Thankfully BS went with me (and not my dad! gasp) so honestly we really, really enjoyed ourselves and had a great time and sorta fell in love with the city in the process!

Just FYI last year 12 international applicants attended the interview and only 2 got chosen; so obviously we fell in love with the wrong "person" o.O

You might have had enough pics to see for our HK trip (meaning me with BS) on facebook so I'll just write based on random thoughts and musings (BS will definitely refer people to read this post cause she's lazy to blog about our trip XD)

Everything in Hong Kong is about efficiency.

 Their elevators are fast. The people walk at a really hurried pace. We barely waited 5 minutes for the MTR. Every single time.

This is Australian Dairy Co. at Parkes Street near Jordan MTR. Amazing food there at a really reasonable price! Order 蛋白炖鲜奶 (egg white with milk) even BS the milk and cheese hater loved it!

The waiters take your order really quickly, get to it really quickly, but the only problem is BS and I are terribly indecisive when left with too many choices! The waiters seemed pretty calm but I bet they were like fai dit la (faster la in cantonese) inside

They have really big appetites (but the food's not exactly cheap also) and everyone stays amazingly slim though! I guess it's cause they walk alot (it's like the whole population takes the MTR and there are like masses of people on the streets in the daytime) and also cause they might not fit into their homes if they grow too much horizontally? Haa just a theory.

We didn't go to HK Disneyland & Ocean Park cause we would have to spend like a whole day and sometimes you just want to go venture uncharted lands I suppose :)

Places we went to:
~Temple Street 庙街 (Exit @ Jordan MTR)
~Ladies Street 女人街 (Exit @ Mongkok MTR)
~Stanley Market 赤柱 (Take MTR to Central 中环 then take 6/6A/6X bus to Stanley)
~The Peak 太平山 (Take MTR to Central then ask around cause I forgot how to get there, my HKU friends took us there ^^)
~Golden Bauhinia Square (Take MTR to Wan Chai 湾仔 then just follow signage to go to the pier)
~Aberdeen 香港仔 (We went there by bus from Stanley Market but I think anyhow you can take a bus from Central too)
~Lan Kwai Fong 兰桂坊 (Exit @ Central MTR)
~Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀 (Exit @ Tsim Sha Tsui MTR)

Temple & Ladies Street are almost like pasar malam, sans the smell of roasted chestnuts and char koay teow; in fact there were almost no food stalls in Ladies Street! And unlike Taiwanese Night Markets like Shilin, the main attraction isn't food; just stalls selling I <3 HK T shirts, tiny trinkets, bags and misc (and nowadays iPhone covers; one can barely find handphone pouches anymore)

To me, temple street was a better place to shop because somehow the storekeepers weren't so aggressive with their sales so it was less stressful in a way :)

Okay I would really like to continue but my eyelids are giving way... So hopefull you'll see a part 2 on this? Till then! :)


Lim Zhen Yu (Amos) said...

oh where is the like button?

Oh I can't wait my turn to go hong kong...

sun rises after storm,
hope everything be fine with you soon...

Lazaholic said...

HK HK!!!! Love everything but the air!
nice, wanna go macau next time to meet the UK leng cai. hahaha
HK HK HK.....!!!

Tze Hui said...

zhen yu: haa thanks! ^^ hopefully the next time you go HK i'll be there to bring u around :)

lazaholic: ya we gt appointment wif the lengzai d rite... hehe XD