Friday, April 16

I shouldn't be here. Again.

(continuation from last post)

Along the streets of HK, the crowd is pretty chaotic; everyone is like rushing to somewhere but it's like they are headed in all directions all at once! And the roads are pretty confusing too; BS and I could walk past a couple of streets and end up back where we started o.O

And oh ya. Everyone was covered from neck to toe; in thin jackets, boots, leggings etc; We definitely stood out as tourists by being the only ones happily strolling the streets, with no sense of direction with T shirts on. It was around 16-20 degrees Celcius and we thought it was slightly hotter than Genting

BS just wore a tank top plus a scarf! tee hee

Tin Hau Temple @ Stanley; the temple was quite mini but this wall art was just so photograph-worthy!

Jumbo Floating Restaurant @ Aberdeen. It's like this high class restaurant for dim sum but we being economy-friendly tourists decided to just hop on the free ferry ride to the restaurant, take pics and head back ^^

Amazing scenery along Stanley Market! I guess this was one of the best decisions we made, going there :)

Lan Kwai Fong, the pub/clubbing district in HK. We went there just to look around, at like 6/7pm so there wasn't much of a crowd either. But sejurus pulang dari HK, apparently Fiona Sit (Sit Hoi Kei) was spotted there on the night we were there! Aiks too bad we missed her (by a couple of hours haa)

Not forgetting to thank Wen Xian, Ser Siang & Natalie & a couple others who took the effort to meet up with us and going to The Peak together! Thanks Jason Soo for the introduction too :)

Our interview at HKU. It went okay I guess, but then competition is tough. Of course I want it, but I'll guess I'll have to settle for "been there, done that" at the moment :)

Last pic before landing on Malaysian ground. Airasia water bottles sponsored by friendly neighbour seated on BS's right--a 40-something guy who was apparently my dad's junior in Uni and lived like 10 mins away from my house! Talk about six degrees of separation.

Anyway thanks BS for your far more adventurous spirit &&& hope we get to go again! Still didn't manage to explore Lantau Island & Noah's Ark etc T.T

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Jacent said...

thank you for thank you-ing time we go hk together..if got chance..or i go HK find u...hope so..ahahs..