Tuesday, March 2

You are beautiful

For the past two months, I've always worn contact lenses to work at kindergarten; but on a whim I decided to wear plain glasses maybe just for this week; partially to save tons of hassle wearing and removing it too ^^

General responses from the kids:

~杨老师,为什么你戴眼镜? 你近视了啊? Teacher, why are you wearing specs? Have you become short sighted?

~你是不是看电视机看得很近? Have you been sitting too close to the TV?

~你的眼珠叻? Where are your eyeballs? HAHA this was understandably from a 4-year old (youngest age of children in the kindergarten)

Generally girls were more critical with my looks:

~我不喜欢你戴眼镜,戴了丑丑。。I don't like you wearing specs, it makes you look ugly...
~你没有戴眼镜比较美... You look better without specs...

But there was this one guy who flattered me ^^

~你的眼镜好~~~美哦!! Your specs are super pretty!! *concludes his statement with an awed expression*

The aforementioned kid. A 6-year old. His V-sign was too close to the camera ^^

Somehow his words comfort me. How a child looks past what's stereotypically classified as pretty and learns to see beauty in even the most unimpressive object. (Although, ironically, I took of my specs before taking this pic =.=)

Why do the typical eye candies you find (esp on facebook) are big-eyed, small mouthed and ultra fair?

In fact I think all my friends are beautiful. To name a few,

Mama is beautiful when she laughs.

SH is beautiful when she cowers in fear from butterflies.

BS is beautiful when her face cringes at the smell of cheese.

WY is beautiful when she speaks super, super fast.

KK is beautiful when she hollers at us to WALK FASTER!!!

CC is beautiful when she goes all shy admitting she's going out with her bf later.

LY is beautiful when she has this super obsessed look when she discovers her fav food--bread.

Swt is beautiful when she's not lying and not MIA-ing (T.T) 

Chee Ling is beautiful when she starts talking and can't find her full stop *winks*

Qiuhong is beautiful when you see how much she loves God. Cheryl is beautiful when she laughs at even the lamest jokes.

Tiffy is beautiful when she's being totally feminist. (HAHA you know what I mean)
You. Are. Beautiful.

Don't believe me? Go ask a kid.


The Optimist said...

You are beautiful when you are posting this ^^...

Tze Hui said...

aww mama that's so sweet.. thank you love you *muakssss*

Lim Zhen Yu (Amos) said...

no im handsome.

=P oops just.. not kidding ! xD

tiff said...

hi tze! i LOVE this post =)

Lazaholic said...

i love this too. It was sweet, though i never know that i'll be beautiful when my face cringes at the smell of cheese. Then i think i should start carrying a cheese around so that i'll beautiful always. hahah

callie said...

its just how people define beauty. I personally think that big eyed, small mouth and ultra fait skin doesn't make much diff compared to a doll.

Afterall, you're beautiful=)

Tze Hui said...

amos: haha right.. just admit it.. you are beautiful XD

tiff: thank you!! miss msn-ing with you le ^^

lazaholic: yes it does.. when you say "hennnn chou ah" HAHAH

callie: lol then guys are inadvertently attracted to dolls i suppose :) you are beautiful when you go on your shopping sprees! hehe

過分 said...

pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!! ........................................

wkgan said...

sad..put my photo but nvr mention me. Haih

Tze Hui said...


haha paiseh ya ^^ you are beautiful when you're so ever willing to help me out with any problem, may it be academic or abt relationships.. hehe ^^

wkgan said...

Oh beautiful =.=

kaykay said...

awww~ thn i think im ugly since i entered MONASH.coz my frens walked faster than me and i need to ask them to WALK SLOWER...>.<