Wednesday, March 17



Attended Yenwoon's YES Business Challenge a few days back @ Menara Star, PJ. Thanks to Lyndy for the lift! And Justin for the lift back ^^  Congrats to their team, Shining Dawn, who made it to the top 10!!! The winning team will be able to kickstart their business plan with RM 25,000 

I think it takes not only courage, but also spontaneity and wit to speak in front of the panel of CEO judges (OMG got 1 damn lengzai and charismatic *drools*) But anyway their team did great and they totally deserved it!

The top was borrowed from Yenwoon too by the way. Used the same one for my HKU scholarship interview XD


My cousin's kids came over yesterday, and gosh they are a smart bunch! This here is only Std 1 but already has two girlfriends! Simultaneously; and according to him, one even kissed him on the cheek o.O

Playing MAD; it's actually the opposite to Monopoly; the one who loses all his money wins!

Std 3 kid

Std 4; and they both beat me in an IQ game! And it did not feel good XD

And you know what.. I suddenly realised I miss the kids at my kindergarten. Distance really makes the heart grow fonder I suppose :)

An exciting day (hopefully) tomorrow!