Thursday, May 28


My next exam will be on next friday, Biology Paper 2... So brace yourselves for loads of self-indulgent, boredom-induced, endless frustration wielding posts.

psst. Here's the perfect example :)

I think the new nuffnang app (inconspicuously located at the lower right corner of the screen) is pretty useful! It allows you to browse through the most recent updates of other Nuffnangers, thus driving more traffic into your blog as well.

So while I was bloghopping it dawned on me that lots of bloggers nowadays fall into my age group (the "i'm not a girl not yet a woman" or likewise in guy version). Plus most of them are in colleges and when I browse through their photos (not stalker ok you have a blog archive for a REASON) I almost ALWAYS see someone I recognise! That's where the 6 degrees of separation theory comes in :)

BUT while some of their blogs are so stripped down & just overflowing with individuality, there's still the inevitable...

blogs with so many self-camwhoring or with boyfriend-camwhoring pics that if you make them into your 1cmx1cm mosaic tiles you could rebuild an entire life-sized statue of liberty! (haha i was trying too hard with the hyperbole)

I mean I PERFECTLY understand the incessant need to camwhore to soothe our inner insecurities but when you place 19837481746 self indulgent pics on the web, to me, it's really show-offy. C'mon what happened to old school modesty?

But then again, I can't 100% guarantee I wouldn't do the same if I had:
  • Jessica Alba's curves in the right places
  • Song Hye Kyo's flawless features
  • A wardrobe full of current season clothes (the last time I shopped was around 2 months ago. Pasar malam t-shirt. beat that.)
  • a boyfriend comparable to the likes of Utt (MTV VJ!) or Adam Lambert (minus the gay part obviously)
Heck, I might be complaining how all my blogger friends put up endless photos of their cute babies 10 years later while I blog about my (desperate!) excursion to the sperm bank.

That's the problem with us Librans. We start an argument, and end it ourselves.

Okay gotta go do some studying now! Dad's giving me the don't-you-have-exams look...

Sunday, May 24

Is there life after American Idol?

That's what I realised after browsing through my past couple of posts. ALL of them are AI-related! And that obviously includes my obsession with Adam Lambert (IF he ever gets to come to Malaysia I'll definitely go.. but then again he doesn't have that clean, good-boy image of David Archuleta... so chances are pretty slim, honestly)

Ok ANYWAY!! Better stop fantasizing about listening to him sing LIVE (omg omg i want that sooo bad) and look what I found on my bro's facebook!

My niece Jiawen's all grown up and DATING! That boy is SO CUTE, by the way. Good catch :P

ED: I just found out from my sis in law that the boy is Liam, 6 months older than Jiawen :)

Thursday, May 21


I mean I know I said I didn't mind Kris Allen winning, but I feel so much injustice for Adam.. He's been so vocally talented and had to go through so much criticism to be finally standing on that stage.. But having said that Kris really sang the winning song better than Adam..

Want more American Idol videos? Click here.

Sunday, May 17

Just emotions, taking me over

I've been spending so much time at home studying for exams that I've forgotten how it feels like with the cool breeze in your face and the soft, dampness of the soil after a rain beneath your feet.

Oh darn it I forgot, it's Malaysia. And all you get is hot spasms of moving air (it doesn't even qualify as wind!) while you find yourself saying "Wah damn hot la" for an infinite number of times per day. Thus contributing to this depressing & non constructive post.

Ok enough said, I was supposed to be blogging about American Idol finale! It's the greatest hype around me at the moment. (can you imagine drooling over clothes and more clothes and shoes and more shoes and know you can never ever see or feel them for the next 23 days?)

Haha just realised I digress alot.

If you're wondering who I'm rooting for, it's 60% Adam Lambert & 40% Kris Allen. Honestly it didn't really matter who wins; I believe both of them will make it big in the music industry. And yesterday night I was watching last season's American Idol and just realised I didn't watch it! At All! I only knew the finalists are the 2 Davids; proving how successful this season is... honestly if it wasn't for Adam Lambert I wouldn't get all excited every week and wait impatiently for Ryan Seacrest to finish his "This, is American Idol." speech.

Adam Lambert & why he should win

  1. He's has the perfect guy's physique; tall, good looking, charismatic
  2. Seriously. Who cares if he's gay? He can sing, like really really well.
  3. Don't you enjoy his stage presence? He can be so theatrical and OTT but it's his form of self expression ain't it?
  4. He proves the point that it's okay to be different, and honestly NO ONE is deserves to be called a freak.
Kris Allen & why he should win

  1. Humility, artistry (as quoted by Kara!) and talent at its best.
  2. He's good looking, too, in a younger, cleaner, fresher way.
  3. He's HOT on the acoustics!
  4. Haha sorry can't think of anything else... that's why Adam wins by a fraction :)
That's all! Gotta get studying d :)

Thursday, May 14

Temporal Relief

Just finished my Bio Paper 3 and Maths Paper 1 for the week... An Adam Lambert video! (AGAINN...) His performance for his high school graduation in the year 2000

Back to revision! Wish me luck :)

p.s. he looks so different.. and clean.. right?

Sunday, May 10

To: Mom

It just dawned on me that for the past 4 years, I've never written a blog post especially dedicated to my mom...because I've always been making Mother's Day cards to my mom every year and I didn't do one this year, due to

  • upcoming AS exams (starting this coming Wednesday! *keeping fingers crossed*)
  • I had too many ideas but not viable for execution, eg
  • buying a new phone (she's currently using a Nokia phone--forgot which model--with polyphonic ringtones & I'm using a Samsung with 3.0 megapixels! *guilty*) Dad said it was going to be a waste of money and he's worried what I'll do with the money if he's not around etc that was just 0.0001% of the lecture he gave after I made the proposition
  • making her breakfast based on a recipe I found in June's blog. But I have no idea what's whole wheat flour and I don't know where to get baking powder without her knowing and arousing suspicion PLUS it would be hard to avoid either a undercooked/cooked until very carcinogenic/explosion in the kitchen that could make me a terrosist bombing suspect
  • simply making her a card I kept procrastinating and the fact that Allision Iraheta was eliminated left me uninspired and emo (haha lamest excuse EVER, I know)

So this post is dedicated to you mom! It really means a lot to me because you always offer the most honest opinion; if I'm on the plump side then you say I'm on the plump side (why must it be TRUE??!!! *sobs*). When we go shopping you seldom shop for yourself; instead you accompany my neverending journey of shoe-scouting, and you never hesitate to buy stuff that you feel worth the money.

When I fall sick you spend the night checking my temperature every few hours; but when you're sick you "quarantine" yourself in the room so you won't infect us. You always encourage me to explore and mix with different people to a certain extent, because you know I'm shy in nature and I'm truly thankful for the freedom you've given me.

But most of all, for the undivided love that you give me, for accepting me (from my bushy eyebrows--see pic above (gasp!) to my height to my occasional impatience and childishness) and raising me up so I can stand on mountains (haha no la that was Josh Groban) to be who I am today.

Today is your day, mom. Although you STILL have to cook & wash clothes & do housework, I just want to say you've done a great job, mom. Be proud of yourself and know that bro & sis & I will always love you!

Though you STILL have to cook & wash clothes & do housework :)

Thursday, May 7


Playing For Change | Song Around The World "Stand By Me" from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

Stolen from Jason Mraz's blog.

Feeling a little under the weather lately due to stress and this annoying blister in my mouth that causes pain if I make any noticeable facial expression. And the fact that I have so many unanswered questions on Chem and Physics. What is wrong with me?


Still don't know who's eliminated for this week's American Idol.. Hopefully it's Danny Gokey (please don't tell me don't tell me)

Wednesday, May 6

2 things that made my day

1. A (or maybe more) good laugh with college friends on lame stuff eg. I mentioned that in a drama series a character was paralysed due to skiing accident and everyone else heard skin accident instead of skiing and we were all like "hahahahaha you knock skin to skin and get paralysed hahaha" until i was in tears (sry for lack of punctuation)

2. This.


To all pre AS & A2 candidates, good luck and study hard + smart! (and may Malaysia be blessed with non-swine flu-ness. Or not I get paranoid everytime someone coughs/sneezes, and hold my breath for 10 seconds o.O)

Saturday, May 2


... to Yen Woon! She can definitely sing :)

I'm telling you now I have a ginormous urge to do some serious songwriting after AS... then I'll ask Yenwoon to sing... then I'll be famous (at least indirectly) XD

Enjoy the song!