Thursday, May 28


My next exam will be on next friday, Biology Paper 2... So brace yourselves for loads of self-indulgent, boredom-induced, endless frustration wielding posts.

psst. Here's the perfect example :)

I think the new nuffnang app (inconspicuously located at the lower right corner of the screen) is pretty useful! It allows you to browse through the most recent updates of other Nuffnangers, thus driving more traffic into your blog as well.

So while I was bloghopping it dawned on me that lots of bloggers nowadays fall into my age group (the "i'm not a girl not yet a woman" or likewise in guy version). Plus most of them are in colleges and when I browse through their photos (not stalker ok you have a blog archive for a REASON) I almost ALWAYS see someone I recognise! That's where the 6 degrees of separation theory comes in :)

BUT while some of their blogs are so stripped down & just overflowing with individuality, there's still the inevitable...

blogs with so many self-camwhoring or with boyfriend-camwhoring pics that if you make them into your 1cmx1cm mosaic tiles you could rebuild an entire life-sized statue of liberty! (haha i was trying too hard with the hyperbole)

I mean I PERFECTLY understand the incessant need to camwhore to soothe our inner insecurities but when you place 19837481746 self indulgent pics on the web, to me, it's really show-offy. C'mon what happened to old school modesty?

But then again, I can't 100% guarantee I wouldn't do the same if I had:
  • Jessica Alba's curves in the right places
  • Song Hye Kyo's flawless features
  • A wardrobe full of current season clothes (the last time I shopped was around 2 months ago. Pasar malam t-shirt. beat that.)
  • a boyfriend comparable to the likes of Utt (MTV VJ!) or Adam Lambert (minus the gay part obviously)
Heck, I might be complaining how all my blogger friends put up endless photos of their cute babies 10 years later while I blog about my (desperate!) excursion to the sperm bank.

That's the problem with us Librans. We start an argument, and end it ourselves.

Okay gotta go do some studying now! Dad's giving me the don't-you-have-exams look...

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