Sunday, May 17

Just emotions, taking me over

I've been spending so much time at home studying for exams that I've forgotten how it feels like with the cool breeze in your face and the soft, dampness of the soil after a rain beneath your feet.

Oh darn it I forgot, it's Malaysia. And all you get is hot spasms of moving air (it doesn't even qualify as wind!) while you find yourself saying "Wah damn hot la" for an infinite number of times per day. Thus contributing to this depressing & non constructive post.

Ok enough said, I was supposed to be blogging about American Idol finale! It's the greatest hype around me at the moment. (can you imagine drooling over clothes and more clothes and shoes and more shoes and know you can never ever see or feel them for the next 23 days?)

Haha just realised I digress alot.

If you're wondering who I'm rooting for, it's 60% Adam Lambert & 40% Kris Allen. Honestly it didn't really matter who wins; I believe both of them will make it big in the music industry. And yesterday night I was watching last season's American Idol and just realised I didn't watch it! At All! I only knew the finalists are the 2 Davids; proving how successful this season is... honestly if it wasn't for Adam Lambert I wouldn't get all excited every week and wait impatiently for Ryan Seacrest to finish his "This, is American Idol." speech.

Adam Lambert & why he should win

  1. He's has the perfect guy's physique; tall, good looking, charismatic
  2. Seriously. Who cares if he's gay? He can sing, like really really well.
  3. Don't you enjoy his stage presence? He can be so theatrical and OTT but it's his form of self expression ain't it?
  4. He proves the point that it's okay to be different, and honestly NO ONE is deserves to be called a freak.
Kris Allen & why he should win

  1. Humility, artistry (as quoted by Kara!) and talent at its best.
  2. He's good looking, too, in a younger, cleaner, fresher way.
  3. He's HOT on the acoustics!
  4. Haha sorry can't think of anything else... that's why Adam wins by a fraction :)
That's all! Gotta get studying d :)

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