Sunday, May 10

To: Mom

It just dawned on me that for the past 4 years, I've never written a blog post especially dedicated to my mom...because I've always been making Mother's Day cards to my mom every year and I didn't do one this year, due to

  • upcoming AS exams (starting this coming Wednesday! *keeping fingers crossed*)
  • I had too many ideas but not viable for execution, eg
  • buying a new phone (she's currently using a Nokia phone--forgot which model--with polyphonic ringtones & I'm using a Samsung with 3.0 megapixels! *guilty*) Dad said it was going to be a waste of money and he's worried what I'll do with the money if he's not around etc that was just 0.0001% of the lecture he gave after I made the proposition
  • making her breakfast based on a recipe I found in June's blog. But I have no idea what's whole wheat flour and I don't know where to get baking powder without her knowing and arousing suspicion PLUS it would be hard to avoid either a undercooked/cooked until very carcinogenic/explosion in the kitchen that could make me a terrosist bombing suspect
  • simply making her a card I kept procrastinating and the fact that Allision Iraheta was eliminated left me uninspired and emo (haha lamest excuse EVER, I know)

So this post is dedicated to you mom! It really means a lot to me because you always offer the most honest opinion; if I'm on the plump side then you say I'm on the plump side (why must it be TRUE??!!! *sobs*). When we go shopping you seldom shop for yourself; instead you accompany my neverending journey of shoe-scouting, and you never hesitate to buy stuff that you feel worth the money.

When I fall sick you spend the night checking my temperature every few hours; but when you're sick you "quarantine" yourself in the room so you won't infect us. You always encourage me to explore and mix with different people to a certain extent, because you know I'm shy in nature and I'm truly thankful for the freedom you've given me.

But most of all, for the undivided love that you give me, for accepting me (from my bushy eyebrows--see pic above (gasp!) to my height to my occasional impatience and childishness) and raising me up so I can stand on mountains (haha no la that was Josh Groban) to be who I am today.

Today is your day, mom. Although you STILL have to cook & wash clothes & do housework, I just want to say you've done a great job, mom. Be proud of yourself and know that bro & sis & I will always love you!

Though you STILL have to cook & wash clothes & do housework :)


C said...

Haha, the Josh Groban bit made me laugh. Hope your exams went well!

Wingz said...

So touched =)