Friday, December 4

Decisions, decisions, decisions

As you might've seen, our Melaka trip pics has been all over facebook so I'll just upload a couple of nice ones ^^



The next time we'll really meet up will be in next year while getting our A2 results *sobs* And btw congrats to the super super smart Bee Shuang who's going to UK some time before X'Mas for an Oxford interview (for Medicine! OMG) Good luck ya, all of us have faith in you! We are all prepared to organise a farewell for you to UK already haha XD Must remember us lo when you get over there T.T

Anyway might be working as a kindergarten helper starting next year; the pay is pretty low but honestly I'm totally inexperienced with kids (since I was the one doing all the crying and not the caretaking o.O) so maybe this job will make me more maternal and less of a baby myself =) 

Sis is coming back with bf tomorrow! So probably more outings, more movies and more delicious food ^^

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