Friday, July 10

Hoping, Dreaming

Happy birthday Suat Hoon! My companion on long, congested train rides and simply the sweetest friend :)

SH with the knife and CC with the spatula. making sushi over at my house (the knife is for carrots & cucumbers; the spatula? for show only la XD)

We bought her a bag from an online blogshop, Ultimate Dazzle (the bag has mysteriously dematerialized from the site!)

Thanks to Callie for handling the bag's payment and Lih Yi for the homemade b'day cake! (sorry no pic available)

Nothing much to report this week. Just plenty of emo rantings, read it if you're in a good mood and need a reason to be emo.
  • Ever since AS exams ended, I am still finding myself in hibernation mode; spending my time going out with college friends, reading novels, playing piano, watching movies on PPStream, Restaurant City on facebook. Everything but studying. Guilt is starting to creep through my veins but I simply don't know where to start! And I realised I want to get into Imperial College REAL BAD. Maybe it's the fame, the "not everyone can get in" privilege or the "grass is always greener on the other side" thing. Either way, my efforts don't live up to my dreams at the moment. Note to self: BETTER SHADDUP AND START WORKING HARD!
  • I've been distancing myself from lots of things lately. Church, old friends, clubs & societies. Reason? I don't know. Sometimes avoiding responsibilities seem to come naturally to me; courage has never been my forte. I've never been a master at words (esp spoken ones). I'm not outspoken, not hilarious enough, (is there ANY way of being funny without making fun of someone else?) and too old to act cute and innocent anymore. Note to self: Go to the Land of Oz and get a heart.
  • Realized that some people aren't as they used to seem. I hereby use a aptly written chinese proverb: 路遥知马力,日久见人心 (literal translation: you can judge a horse's strength after it travels for a long journey; as you can judge a person's heart with time) Currently burdened with betrayal, insecurity and prejudiced judgment. Note to self: Write a letter to Dear Thelma (joking lar... it's not THAT serious)
Going to make muffins this Sunday with mom. Hopefully wafts of food will cheer me up :)
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*-- Fallen Angel --* said...

you have a heart, dear... a pure and kind one at that. you don't need to be outspoken or the joker and such because your friends love you the way you are.

and people changes. at least, I did change after all.

Tze Hui said...

fallen angel: thanks so much.. you're one of the rare, genuine friends I've had throughout the years, and I appreciate that, I really do.

yeah people change, but you'll always stay the same to me :)