Tuesday, July 21

Of parties & sleepovers

Steamboat on Sunday at Teck Hong's house! for mama's birthday celebration ^^ (pics courtesy of kk)

left to right: kk and mama

We were supposed to surprise mama when she came over TH's house but instead she found us squatting pathetically beside his kakak (who was washing dishes) behind the house. What an entrance, thanks to some misunderstanding o.O

Okay let the pictures do the talking!

the food for steamboat. We ended up (seriously!) overestimating our food consumption ability and so we're still finishing up our food till now... will fill in details in the next post ^^

Sweat's fruit punch! was an instant favourite; named virgin punch for no particular reason

the busiest person throughout the day... we kept calling out Teck Hong! every few seconds; thank you ah XD

Teck hong's brothers who barely ate and helped us with starting the fire instead.. paiseh betul

my another (paranoid!) reason for not wearing contacts...

no blog post is complete without a vain pic ^^

traffic light


Mama's b'day cake made at TH's hs! Thanks to Chai Cheen, Bee Shuang and also me ^^

Only putting up this pic 'cause everyone else looks nice *pouts*

After that...

sleepover at my house!

flashing the classic 8-teeth-showing smile

ugly no.1

ugly no.2, ape version

We talked till around 3 something and when I went downstairs to get some water, my grandparents was up already (they sleep at 7pm). My grandma asked me, "eh, you all wake up so early ah?" o.O

That's all! gotta study for maths test tomorrow :)

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