Thursday, March 13


Precisely decribing my feelings right at this moment...something like post-SPM results aftermath. For those who have taken up courses at colleges, it's okay for them, but for people like me who have put off the ULTIMATE task of actually making a choice by using the (seemingly cliched) phrase:

"I don't know what to study yet wor.

See how my SPM results go."

That seemed like a good answer to give when people (note: esp. nosey relatives and overly kiasu friends' parents) asked me that question before the SPM results were out. Now I'm really stuck between pursuing my interests, my strong subjects and my friends' suggestions.

Arrgghh, frustrating.

You see, my results are somewhere in the middle, where it's not good enough to apply for a full scholarship and yet not poor enough to be moping about it.

Just see for yourself.

~*sorry for the smudged (or rather, photoshopped) particulars; I prefer Librainy to be my only known name--nice to be mysterious for a change :P*~

You see, I'm 1 A1 away from getting a full scholarship if I take SAM at Taylor's (which I was initially planning to... I mean the June/July intake, I forgot which) I seriously am thankful for even getting an A2 for chinese since it's my worst subject, but as for Moral, I'm just dumbfounded. Like, my bio was worse than my moral! I was expecting A2 for that, but not moral, like what do you expect me to do? I memorized everything, put my brain and hands to work, and that was it! Heck, I didn't even know what I did wrong!

Sorry for the sudden outburst of energy--it was just a ball of fury (sounds familiar?) at the pit of my stomach, nothing much. and sorry for the sarcasm too, in case you didn't notice.

I'm just utterly confused and in no mood to write an emotionally uplifting post, which is what I should to to attain a Kenny Sia-like status in the blogging industry.

I'll pray hard tonight--He's the only one (other than myself) who will really understand.


天使 said...

u know y v get A2 for our moral???
its becuz of our beloved teacher...
sei rojak...

Librainy said...

haha just like my title eh?

Klang Gal said...

ya.. 1 A1 away from getting full scholarship sucks!!!! My mum's grumbling..... o.0

YewChong said...

WOOOT, congratulations! &&& wow, you must be one of the little people who got A2 for Chinese right?
bahhh, hate you for getting A1 for both the subjects that i only got A2 for. *slaps Librainy*.