Friday, March 14

Primary + Secondary School Reunion =P

Well, not exactly, as our total headcount was, less than 10?

Nowadays it's really hard to get EVERYONE out together, just for a drink or for the movies--some of them have exams in college (to think that some of my friends have completed 1 sem in college and I haven't even started anything yet! Sometimes I just feel so uneducated.) or have no transport (applies for me--still underage and cannot get a licence yet... 7 more months to go before I can sit for my undang, in fact)

So after spending approx. 3-4 ringgit on smses and phone calls to more than 10 people and getting more than half of them rejecting me, I managed to amass a small troupe of 6 (including me) to go to AEON Bukit Tinggi (again) for a cuppa.

You see, I have limited time(e.g. I'll be back in Genting by Sunday?) so I had to get my friends together for a chat before I leave... Even if they were only a pitiful handful (not literally, of course ;p)

~*Mei Jee & I--stole her out of S&J (her workplace) to just snap a shot*~

~*From left: Shieh Nee (going NS 2nd batch next week), Me (the underage one and praying hard that she doesn't get NS next year) & Grace (just came back from NS and seemingly very satisfied with the camp)*~

~*Clockwise from left: Chyi Shyn (previously lepak-ing at home), Chia Chiun (Business Foundation at Taylors), Ree Gent (ADP at INTI), Me (Genting Staff), Yen Woon (SAM at Taylors), Grace (fresh from NS)*~

Had a 2-3 hour (long!) chat with Yen Woon, Shieh Nee & Grace at Sakae Sushi (Grace & I just LOVE this Japanese restaurant! Wonderful place to catch up with each other--the atmosphere is just purr-fect, and the rice is GOOD.) The boys arrived at 5 something (Ree Gent's class was over at 4 but the traffic was bad) and the timing was too late to catch a movie and so we ended up in...

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee.

~*A box of 6 worth RM 9.50 -- but I've heard that the one in KL is tastier, I mean of the same brand*~

~*the boys' time to SHINE in front of the camera; they make pretty good posers too :P*~

~*Eh it seems Yen Woon's not bad at it too; her smile really makes the donuts look extra yummy :)*~

So long for our post-SPM reunion.

Honestly, I was expecting more, but I guess this'll do...


~ * Unperfect Angel * ~ said...

hey...cepatnya update..
and look super fat in the photo with the donuts(although I'm fat all the time)... swt... that ain't good for promotion wei..LOL
and... send me the photos, yeah? the pictures in your blog are too small..

Librainy said...

okie i'll post it on friendster, n u can go grab, and btw looking fat at the donuts store is good for promotion (proves that their donuts are irresistible!)

Klang Gal said...

hi tze.. sorry cuz can't hang out wit u tat day.. N yen woon.. u r NOT fat la

天使 said...

for ur information,
J.Co donuts is more delicious and yummy~~~wkakakaka....
go try it...

Amelia said...

Congrats on your results! They're PRETTY FANTASTIC (an understatement) I heard it's esp difficult to get an A in Chinese so kudos to you! :)

YewChong said...

OMG WoonWoon, stop it, you are not fat. you are just cute &&& adorable, alright? LALALA.
anywayyy, woot, didn't know missy Librainy is an underage. MUAHAHA. what so funny? i wasn't laughing?
so anyway, i bet you won't enroll anytime soon?