Tuesday, February 26

Wake me up when February ends

People and happenings really do come and go, and my secondary school life practically flew past my eyes--it's like eating blindfolded: you don't know what to expect (e.g. pig crap or 5-star cuisine) until you bite it, and it'll taste queer initially before you really figure out what it is, and when it turns out to be down-to-earth scrambled eggs, it's already on it's way along the oesophagus (yes I miss my Bio lessons quite a lot)...

Just 2 days ago I went back school to certify some documents before the SPM results came out (which was rumoured to be out TODAY... ?? no wonder they're called rumours) and of course, I expected to meet some of my ex-teachers and some juniors at school (actually i even visualised and acted out the whole "hey so how are you now?" scene in front of the mirror... I will not let myself being caught off-guard.. :P)

And so I had to print some stuff in the library, so I just walked in (but everything still feels very odd--that's why it's in my blog--and don't worry this post starts with talk about school and ends in the same topic--- you won't have to bear with me till the brushing the toothbrush at night part) so anyway you have to log in before you use the comp in the library, so I was filling in the blanks:

Name : Yxxx Txx Hxx
C/in time: 11.00 am
C/out time: (leaving it blank 1st for later)




coincidentally a librarian was behind me, so I asked him,

"What class should I write ah?"

"Eh, what do you mean? just write your class la!"

"Erm.. *burst out laughing* but I have no class a d la! Graduate d!"


"ok la, I simply write one ah!"

So i wrote:

Class: 5S2 (of 2007)

Weird huh? Well honestly this is one of the blandest (lamest) post i've ever done, but to me it really signifies a lot, like:

1. I'm not a Kwang Hua student anymore, and will never be again
2. I can't turn back time, back to secondary school
3. This was where I used to belong, but not now

Sometimes I just feel a lot for this kind of stuff, sometimes... arghh.

This post turned out to be pretty emo, eh? Heck, just think about it... I can't even fill in my CLASS!

Maybe my conscious side hasn't really come to terms with the subconscious part: It still seems to think I'm just on the long holiday and I'll end up back in secondary school not long after.

I guess I'll just have get my subconscious side to wake up and stop living in this insubstantial dream.

P.s. going up genting tmr, 29th Feb; will be back by the 11th to 16th of March, just for your info. again.


Timmy said...

Aww. So reminiscent. I know I would've written: Class: Graduated ;D. Okay maybe not. Esp the emoticon. I would've just written: Guest.

But unlike you, I'm just glad I graduated.

YewChong said...

what do you work as actually, in Genting?

~ * Unperfect Angel * ~ said...

eh? yewchong...why are you here? haha.. just kidding..
she works in telemarketing btw..
and Tze Hui.. I know how you feel... Time... justt flies...and it'll never come back.. just enjoy every moment now, huh?? Miss 'ya...^_^

Hazuki said...

well when i got back to school, i got my juniors stating that i 'grew' up while all i did was wearing high-heels... nothing has changed without me in school =) I felt so left-out bcuz I can't represent the school to compete in debate competitions anymore... all that is left is my 'spirit' LOL