Sunday, December 31

Hopes & Wishes for 2007

The new year is just around the corner and the school holidays (which were badly spent, like every year) are almost over. So here are my new year resolutions:

  • Grow (at least) 7 cm taller. I have no idea how did i end up this short. (by the way, i'm 150cm/5 feet. gasp!) Seriously. With parents at 160 and 165cm each, i suspect my genes have been mutated, although not in the X-Men way(awh! what a pity. imagine Lil' Librainy saves the day from the Humongous Hippos! ok i promise to stop crapping)
  • Get straight As in my SPM. No matter how much i daydream, i'll still have to come back to earth and sit for my exams. Flunking it would mean shattering all my dreams!
  • Work on my blog with 100% dedication. Sometimes i write on impulse so it comes off a bit chatty (e.g. now!! 'cause it's the last day of 2006 and i have to finish the resolutions by today). Do you have any idea how hard is it to please my enormous fan-base?
  • Stop squeezing my pimples and blackheads. THIS is the hardest one to accomplish.. My fingers get all itchy scratchy when they're idle! I'm saving my pimples right now (temporarily) by making my fingers all busy with typing... Dear face, run! run while you still can!!)
So there you have it... Hopefully I'll be able to fulfill these resolutions and wish you all a happy new year!

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Anonymous said...

Pls dont be so sad with ur height!!!bcos there r somebody beside u are shorter than u !!!n u say ur wish to get straight a's in exam is daydream, but i dont think so bcos i know u sure can make is very possible that u r top student in school so be ready to face the reporter ha!!ha!!