Saturday, December 9

SALE!!! 80% off all products! Limited Offer!

Did that manage to grab your attention? That was my apparent motive; but the my true intention is......
hehe. Can't tell you now. Finish reading and you'll know.

For almost or approximately two years, I've been working on my blog, initially in Friendster and now in Blogger...I'm extremely sorry for those (fans) who have been waiting for my every next posting as (im)patiently as I am waiting for the 7th and final instalment of the Harry Potter series. (Argghh! the waiting is... too... bear... *Librainy grabs her head in fury and frustration, again*)

I digress but my point is, every time I update my blog, it seems that constantly nagging my friends to post comments on my blog is the only way to promote my blog. Isn't there an easier way out??? *sob*

The conversation mostly goes like this: (in msn)

Librainy: Hey there!
XXX: Hey
Librainy: r u free rite now?
XXX: yeah why?
Librainy: no lar, cuz i've jz updated my blog, can u check it out if u hav time?
XXX: sure
Librainy: feel free to post comments if u like it, k?
XXX: ok
Librainy: it's, in case u 4got
XXX: thx
Librainy: thx a million! love ya!

(I see lots of people nodding in agreement and recognition!!! what's THEIR problem?)

See? I've done it sooo many times that it's all in my head now :P

By the way, I chose this title for this post simply because everyone likes to buy cheap stuff even though we don't need it, so it would grab your attention better than some other boring title. So the true intention is for you to read this post. Feel cheated?

p.s. sorry for being so nasty this time (heck, when did bad guys start to apologise for crime?) but anywayz

To: santa claus,

i've been nice all year so plz forgive me this once and grant me the present I deserve!

Lots of loves and kisses and hugs,
Librany the nice and brainy


~ * Unperfect Angel * ~ said... have one huge sense of humour sometimes...or is it to attract readers?LOL...=P

Librainy said...

Thanks unperfect angel! I think my humour comes naturally, so... (oops)

anywayz look! i didn't do any blog promo and no one posts any comments *whimper*... thanks unperfect angel again for being the ONLY one to share your thoughts...

~ * Unperfect Angel * ~ said...

Yikes!!! the "ONLY" sounds a bit're welcome anyways...