Saturday, December 30

The Reconnection of the Cables

Yes, like other avid bloggers out there, I'm elated to find out that faster internet connection is back!!! YAY! *in an undertone* sorry to those Librainy-haters, (if any, but i doubt it) you'll have to listen to my incessant (yet, so intellectual) chatterings once again!

Ehem... *clears throat* But I suppose i shouldn't be overjoyed due to the fact that people are still suffering from the tremors of the earthquake! It is indeed a blessing to live in Malaysia; apart from the extra high crime rate and neverending corruption and rude drivers and racial inequality (oops! i sure hope i don't get sued for that), Malaysia's actually a pretty nice place to live in! No natural disasters and plenty of natural resources! It's Visit Malaysia Year in 2007 so I hope this won't spoil Malaysia's reputation... (as if tourists will browse my blog like i'm Lonely Planet or something)

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Anonymous said...

Although we have lots of reason not to love our country but we also have lots of reason to love Malaysia. I think we are placed here for a reason. So i think we need to think of the good and be thankful. Because gratefulness is the way to joy. :)