Sunday, June 13


Went out yesterday to 1U for kk's birthday celebration (no pics available until kk posts them on fb and I go grab them keke) and boy! I think I'm one of the few left in our group that's like really free to organise gatherings o.O

I still remembered last year we did the same thing for kk's bday too! Went to 1U for a movie =) just that last year we hid at her house underneath her kitchen counter just to surprise her... And the year before that we just gotten to know each other and didn't know each other's bdays yet, so I remembered that day she was like "Today is my b'day." Then we went "Oh! Happy b'day!" Haha so awkward.

OMG I sound like an old woman recalling the times when her hair was black, long and flowy & running around wasn't a problem o.O

It's just memories that I linger onto haplessly. What is my problem?
The Killers movie image Ashton Kutcher Katheri...
Movies watched recently:
1. Killers
Starring Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher. (ASHTON KUTCHER!! showing off his abs!! that's reason enough to watch right) Watched this movie yesterday with the others but klang people were late(which includes me haha) so missed out the front part; Spencer (Ashton) is a spy who decides to quit his job after meeting the love of his life (Katherine) at Nice. 3 years later (somehow, I don't remember why) he has got 20 million bounty on his head and so practically you can see most of his friendly suburbia neighbours turn out to be gun-wielding and a**-kicking assassins. But the movie seemed kind of short for me! But then again we were late for more than half an hour, so. Haha

2. Son of Rambow
Son of Rambow
Watched on Funshion. Relatively unknown film but pretty good! About two young boys, one a classic school mischief and the other from a strict religious family who get together to film an amateur movie about the son of Rambo saving Rambo (you even get a glimpse of Sylvester Stallone in his heydays). Basically a movie about friendship and the power of dreams. Sweet, lighthearted AND ALSO co-starring Ed Westwick (who plays Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl). You get to see him flaunt his native British slang =)

Cover of "Howl's Moving Castle"3. Howl's Moving Castle (Japanese film; directed by Hayao Mizayaki)
A 2D animation adapted from Diana Wynne Jones' book that is superb simply because of Hayao Mizayaki! An awesome awesome artist but I was a bit confused with the plot though; it didn't follow the book cover to cover o.O

Okay gotta go watch more movies again! What a way to spend the holidays T.T

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michzfern said...

owh~~ i miss watching Howl's Moving Castle! I love its OST i love its characters i love its plot...basically i love everything out of it! hahaha

Tze Hui said...

oh it actually has OST? hehe i shall go and find out =) spirited away was like so good! i watched it over and over again when I had the vcd many years back! haha