Friday, June 4

The 10 (Holiday) Commandments

1. Thou shalt not succumb to stalking cute guys on facebook (unless it's someone called Sam! inside joke XD)

2. Thou shalt pick up reading novels (again) and finish at least 4 books in the next two weeks.

3. Thou shalt spend more time at home, esp since I'll be going off in a couple of months =)

4. Thou shalt try doing something constructive besides msn-ing all night

5. Thou shalt CONTROL MY DIET. And get rid of that flabby tummy!

6. Thou shalt limit my spending and stop browsing taiwan shopping websites and salivating over the uber pretty clothes

7. Thou shalt read up on how to make kids actually listen to me. And stop being so naughty/emo/stubborn/cunning/scheming little devils!

8. Thou shalt stop trying so hard to make 10 commandments

9. Thou shalt try my best to prevent eyelids from merging

10. Thou shalt simply go to sleep right NOW. ha! =)


mama said...

lol 1 and 5 are not necessary...

petite said...

totally agree with no 6. LOL