Tuesday, June 1

Missing u like crazy

OMG when I saw this pic I seriously felt a pang of misery.

Long, long, long gone were the times of lame jokes & lengthy votes for lunch & our reverberating laughter all around Inti T.T

I miss kaykay's 走快点! and the flicker of her rebonded-and-dyed hair in the hot afternoon sun

I miss wanying's adsfkwoifjwefje (cannot catch what she's saying cause her speech is almost faster than the speed of light haha)

I miss beeshuang's 我很懒惰 & how she mounts her head like a horse when she doesn't feel like doing something (haha does anyone understand what I mean? sorry it sounds so.. wrong)

I miss mama's laughter (I mean who can forget that?) and 你不觉得他很像...and 很容易折断 and 那个傻佬

I miss lihyi's helpless whimper (hahaaa but not in an offensive way) and her homecooked food!!

I miss teckhong's car (haha our means of transport to subang) and his reaction towards gossip *wink*

I miss suathoon's (almost) inaudible voice and her (almost) reckless driving!

I miss chaicheen's cry of 哇你看那个女子很瘦 when she herself is an equal (if not thinner) opponent

I miss hui lee for simply being the newcomer in our group but fitting in perfectly nevertheless!! haha




Wingz said...

I miss you too! so sweet! =D

mama said...

lets try to get everyone's reply...
miss u guys too!! XD

angelis_90 said...

Yo.. I'm here to drop comment.. :)
Tze Hui, I like ur reason of missing me.. Haha.. Miss u guys.. Muax..

Lazaholic said...

emo emo...
can never find another gang like this any more.
not in uni for now, at least.
not everyone will click like how we did....
you all are the best ever friends.
Thanks for being friends ^^

kaykay said...

hahaha a late 'i miss you too!' from me!!!!! hehe

if i can hav a wish right now,i would wish 'somebody please turn my pharmacy's classmates into mama,tzehui,teckhong,wanying,beeshuang,chaicheen,huilee,suathoon and lihyi!!!!!!