Monday, February 4

A comparatively un-emoish post (I hope)

"I actually managed to survive, out of home, for A MONTH already. I still can't believe it."

If you happen to spot a petite, nerdy looking potential beauty (i'm just making it easier for the talent scouts... eleh... jk; can't you even let me hope???) walking around (probably not alone; my sickness is still not at chronic stage... yet :P) shopping malls uttering this (about to be extremely popular) catchphrase, it's probably just Librainy. Please say hi and offer words of encouragement like "WOW!" and "I can't believe it too! You really made me proud..."

It could probably manage to make me fly higher into the sky, since I'm on top of the mountain now already.

See? I'm crapping, but at least I'm in a happy crappy mood, and not in the emo crappy mood, as in my last post...

Ok so back to Earth. (boring...) Life has definitely changed since the 1st day of working outstation, away from everything familiar...

Frankly speaking I haven't met any mean people in my workplace yet... Weird huh? I thought there were going to be lots of office politics and everyone had to fake it or break it that kinda thing... But it turns out that my colleagues are all really nice, even too nice for me to blog about (because everyone likes a happy ending for themselves ONLY and like to listen to other people's scandalous soap-opera like endings... am I not right? So if I blog about something tragic then everyone will be interested... humans are humans I guess :) )

So, FYI, I work as a Telemarketing Assistant (a newly introduced position, btw) and the job scope is pretty simple... I call guests up, inform them of some of the privileges we offer them e.g. free rooms or free show tickets etc. and do the booking for them if they're interested. The office is inside the casino, by the way. So I walk thru the casino EVERYDAY... (sorry, i just had to brag about the fact that I, Librainy, entered the casino at the age of 17! Hah! )

Work is pretty much routine but it's the guests' responses that are interesting, 'cause each of them will have different ways of replying... besides work, we get to have free accomodation (which is pretty good, btw) and 1 free meal during working hours (pretty much like home-cooked food... yummy...) It'll really be an experience that I'll cherish, and by the way for most of the jobs they do supply uniform, so you won't need to get a coat etc worth RM100++...

So that's all (the promotion that I'm gonna do for Genting)... I'm going back to work on the 9th, btw, currently on CNY break (at least I don't miss out on the angpows! Hehe...)


michzfern said...

hi there! Looks like u had great time at genting...i'm actually suprise to know that u work at a place thats far away from home.
as i remembered you as a shy and quiet girl during primary times right? =)!!!

by the way, visit my blog someday ya?
and link me too so we can keep in touch...^^

michzfern said...

oopsy! shouldn't type www. there....LOL
silly mistake *smack head*

manndee said...

I suggest you to talk on bossoms on the next post
the rating of ppl visitn your blog will definitely soar
Hope SDee doesn't see this or she'll skin me alive.
Take care hon!

cousin dee

天使 said...

lol... im going to genting to play on new year eve~~heehee...

so, r u happy there??

Timmy said...

Er, your job sounds like a Las Vegas hostess'? Only you don't have to meet the people wearing sultry outfits.

And yes, people so totally love the drama posts! But that'd just make the victims more miserable.

Anyway, hope you have a great CNY.

P.S.: 'happy crappy?' Talk about rhymes.

William, YewChong, whatever said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. you have a new spammer here!

Amelia said...

ur parents sound so sweet and in love :) which is cute!!!!!!

Klang Gal said...

Happy chinese new year, Tze!! Miss ya.. Sorry 4 not contacting u as often as u wished (i'm such a sucky friend).. Anyway.. 4get dramatic, soap opera-like posts.. Just post something about me n I'm sure ur blog ratings will soar.. =p

Kathy said...

yee~ i see you enjoy a lot! ^^ great to be working actually. and trust me, after this you'll miss this job! XD
have a great CNY break~

miao miao said...

Haha...your job actually sounds pretty fun! You do sound a bit down, but I'm sure you'll get used to living away from home? Just try and enjoy it! XD