Wednesday, January 31

Did you know that I...

Argghh... the agony of having a 49.2Kbps dial-up connection!!! (in case you don't get it, it means that my internet connection is extra slowwww) I could have finished manicuring and pedicuring my nails and THEN my internet browser would appear (approximation only: i don't waste time pampering dead skin cells)

So what do I do as I wait for the page to load? *stifling a giggle* You might not know this, but I actually...


Sorry, according to today's newspaper...
Online diaries and blogs have become a phenomenon in recent years, with teenagers (that's me!) and young adults attracted to the genre in huge numbers.

Parents, teachers and police constantly urge young people (me again!--not implying that you're old) not to reveal too much about themselves online...
So sorry, can't tell you the secret about my friend's father who actually...

Hey!!! I ain't stupid y'know!

Friday, January 19

Fashion Show or Tuition Class?

Sometimes you just want to relieve your eyes from the superficialities of the world, but I guess the life revolving around people, especially teenagers, is about "shallowness" and "coolness". (~*Intelligent*~ Librainy hates to admit, but) including me too, okay? I still look into the mirror every day, check out my (short & stout) figure before I go out to make sure I look alright. It's normal!

But it's a different case altogether if you live to dress, not dress to live (i mean, you can live even if you go running around naked, but I would seriously die of humiliation.) To all tuition-goers out there (which are basically everyone 13-17 yrs old) don't you think tuition centre is like a fashion battlefield? It’s actually oKAY to dress up, but you’re not supposed to be prepped up as come-to-life anime characters and take it too seriously. Although I’m Form 5 this year (I find it hard to believe too), the Form 3 & 4 students have picked up the trend too and sometimes I, too feel I do not dress up to my age. (Probably that’s why people still ask me what standard am I in now)

Someone told me that being normal is doing what other people normally do and being abnormal is, like, running around naked ( I do NOT know why I like to use this as example.) If everyone starts covering up sensitive parts using leaves like the olden days, then that would be considered normal. Wearing clothes would seem abnormal instead. So just be yourself, wear what you like and be happy with it. Who cares what other people think? Anyway we dress up just to keep ourselves warm… (But I would not suggest taking anything off in public even in this tropical country) This may well be the longest post I’ll write in a century so you’d better drink up every word of it because it may well be the most intelligent writing you’ll ever read in your entire life.

Hehehe… Sorry to say that my ego has inflated a little (thank God, temporarily) so bear with me, ya?

Saturday, January 13

Impossible Missions

I should seriously be completing my school and tuition homework right now but what am I doing? Blogging. But I just can't control my fingers... they either want to be typing or sqeezing pimples, so the blogging is obviously better than sqirting yellow liquid on the mirror. (Okay! i'm not THAT gross)

Deep down, each of us has dreams and aspirations, and these are the impossible things that I want to do before I die:

  • Work as a supermodel and strut down the walkway wearing designer clothing and I get to keep the clothes! Obstacles: I'm waaaaaaaaaay too short and... just too short.
  • Kiss Won Bin on the cheek and tell him he's the cutest guy on earth (but i think he sorta knows that) Obstacles: He's a Korean actor? and famous?
  • Be the 1st person to survive a jump from the top of KLCC. Obstacles: I'm not a cat who happens to have 9 lives.
  • Fart (loudly!) in public. Obstacles: My farts are normally soundless. (They say the soundless ones can kill! oh no...)
I'll add some more to the list once i've thought of it... That's it for now!

Friday, January 12

Peer Pressure

Tiffany who has tortured me for the past century (this is her blog, btw:; but why am I promoting the all-time villain anywayz? and yenwoon, you're the accomplice..) decided to torture me again by pressurising me to write a post!!! I mean, not that I don't want to, but the inspiration hasn't exactly come along yet... So if I crap a bit in this post, it all owes to peer pressure *looks up at reader with cuuute watery puppy eyes, wink wink*... anywayz i tried out this test...



Nerdy Girl


Preppy Girl


Popular Bitch


Athletic Tomboy








What type of girl are you?!!
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I'm a hippy! What does it actually mean? It sounds pretty much like a hippo, but probably a nutty & crazy hippo (crazy + hippo = hippy?My maths ain't that good) and i'm pretty nerdy too... that's partially true since I can't exactly bear to lose in anything (except in height, and that is inevitable; check out my last post to find out the {shocking!} truth of my height)

Sigh... Life has been pretty hectic since the start of this year but I'll try my best to fulfill the new year resolutions (though I've broken a couple already! e.g. i've been squeezing my zits from 1st of January because it brings 20% guilt and 80% pleasure) to update my blog as frequently as possible... Don't miss me too much! I'll be back...