Monday, December 20


So glad to have gotten out of HK just when the temperature dropped drastically; 2 days before I came back Malaysia, the temperature plunged from a comfortable 20 degrees to 8 degrees and I didn't have any down feather jacket and when I wore a pretty thin trench coat to go out, the hall receptionist asked, "哇你着甘少出街?" (you're just going to wear this jacket in this sort of weather?) so yeah, after that I changed into 2 layers of thin jackets because I didn't have one that was thick enough >.< another excuse to go shopping, right? XDD

And I will need to get a heater once I get back HK early next year. And also a thicker blanket because at the moment I'm stealing my roommate's as she went back early to Korea; lest I would wake up in the middle of the night shivering and listening to the wind howling outside the halls.

But mana tahu as I came back Msia to seek refuge from HK's winter, it has been raining for like 3 consecutive days, and it's the kind of rain that my mom calls "longevity rain" 长命雨 cause it rains at a constant pace for the whole day; not those short-lived downpours or the occassional drizzle. But still. A sign that we are slightly orientated on the upper hemisphere and therefore somewhat involved in this change in season =)

My plans for this 2 week long winter break:
Eat!!! (cut off ones means those that I've already eaten)
Nasi lemak, Chee Cheong Fun, roti canai, prawn mee, asam laksa, indian rojak, fruit rojak, popiah, bak kut teh, bee hun kueh, wan tan mee, curry mee, chicken rice, duck noodles, pig trotter, karipap, apam balik...

yes, my classmates' kiasu-ness is getting to me. T.T but anyway I brought Robbin's Basis of Pathology back to study, and patho is my fav subject; I would NEVER read pharmacology or biochemistry at my own will. Ever.

Meet up with friends
But so far only met CC when she came to my house; SH and THboy still at their archi trip in Penang & Ipoh and I'm in desperate need of a social life T__T hopefully the college gang gathering will work out.. eventually...

with the excuse that stuff in Malaysia is cheaper than in HK! But my dad's gonna kill me soon, or worse still, freeze my bank account...

can NEVER get enough of it xDDD

the best deal for a movie in HK costs around RM 24; in Malaysia it's only 1/3 the price! WTH

Spend X'mas with family and church members 

and so far, I've only done a little of the shopping and the study. and the eating.

And now, back to studying! =) and waiting for SH and THboy to come back from their trip T_T

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