Friday, October 23

An update, finally

This'll be the last post before my A2 exams this beginning this Wednesday *takes deep breath*

Okay before beginning my EMOEMOEMO rant, some good news--I'm an auntie... again!! Cousin Li Ling had to undergo C-section to get the baby out since it was already 2 weeks overdue.. Cute lil baby girl! Don't know her name yet...

EMO reason 1.Just went to IDP Aus Fair 2 days ago to apply for (even more!) unis... So now I've applied for 5 UK unis and 5 Aus Unis, in which none have made any offers to me thus far -_-" But one can just keep hoping right?

EMO reason 2.I'm soooo socially deprived right now!

EMO reason 3. Revision for A2 is killing me. SOOO many things to study (and I can still blog. Sweat betul.)

Anyway here's the MV for Adam Lambert's Time for Miracles for the movie 2012... I'm still his die-hard fan; just listen to that voice of his! Plus watch the super-scary visuals for the end of the world, based on the movie...

Saturday, October 10

Blogging Hiatus

Sad to announce that my A2 exams start on the 28th Oct, so will be going on a blogging break till 17th Nov, unless I stumble upon some interesting stuff within this stressful-emo-bored period of time...

Good luck to everyone!

Saturday, October 3

Thanks for all the wishes through facebook and sms... Realized that my life wouldn't be complete without friends :)

Check out what I got as a present! Suat Hoon dropped this on my doorstep when Suzanne called my house asking for Chemistry marking scheme to distract me away from the front door... Damn fake wei...

geng ler....

if my friends can afford the real deal then we could be the malaysian version of Gossip Girl ady.. but anyway thanks so much for the mascara + eyelash curler! I didn't tell u guys before but I always wanted to learn how to use it.. someday... so thanks lotssss!!

And thanks to Yenwoon for the plush toy dog! Love you lots babe ^^

and here's a collage for my college friends.. Will really miss the times we spent together... hope we can obsessively hang out after A2!!

Friday, October 2

A flurry of events!

Our final college outing before A2 exams! 1st stop: Neway karaoke, Subang

Coincidentally everyone in our class LOVES singing...

... and are NEVER camera shy XD

We later had our dinner (it was 9pm by the time we reached and everyone was starving) at FullHouse, Ara Damansara (NiuZeXui). Check out food review by KampungBoyCityGal here.

Suat Hoon looks absolutely divine dontcha think? Guess who was the photographer ^^

Apparently lots of people go there for the atmosphere 'cause it's actually a restaurant designed like a house, eg with living room, bedroom etc. Honestly I expected it to be a tad bit bigger, something like a bungalow made into a restaurant but anyway the pics turned out great! thanks to kaykay's miraculous pimple-removing camera and good lighting ^^

Teck Hong constipated

Attempt #1 at creating love life rumours for Teck Hong

Kaykay flanked by the chefs that look like french maids! lol

Attempt #2; damn romantic right?

Omgosh look at Teck Hong's face... so "chuan"

Attempt #3-fairytale version

Attempt #4--cute version!

posing macam beauty pageant...
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Then they did a combined birthday celebration for Wan Ying (oct 7) and me (do you need reminding?). The initial plan was to slap us awake at 3am but I was only sleeping lightly so I woke up the moment they opened the door.. Sorry for ruining your plan ya guys :)

b'day cake made by Mama and Kaykay, decorated by Suat Hoon, CC, LY ^^

But anyway I had a blast! Thanks to everyone.. Love you guys!!! Muaxxsss~~~~